Employees of different departments demonstrated to restore Old Pension Scheme

Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
The thousands of government employees from various departments arrive for their demands of Old Pension re-implementation at Eco Garden Lucknow.
The demonstration of government employees including teachers and officers was spectacular on Monday noon this week.
 The heavy police forces were deployed outside to control the crowd in the wake of a fear to march towards the State Assembly 4 Kilometer away from the spot. The watch over the activities of these people was on alert at the garden gate.
The vehicles entry in the campus was prohibited; all these were parked outside on the road.
The voice of government employees including their leaders and the top office bearers in this organized rally addressed to these employees at state levels was high.
Mr Hari KIshor Tiwari, convenor of Old Pension Restoration Forum, has said that the battle of Old Pension shall be fought till the affirmative result comes.
  Dr Dinesh Chandra Sharma, president of the Old Pension Restoration Forum, said: ‘The fund recovered on the name of New Pension Scheme is invested into Share Market.  No provision of minimum pension has been guaranteed in this scheme which has brought the future of the teachers and the employees on the verge deadend.’ He asserted, "if the Old Pension is not restored,the government should be alert for the forthcoming election consequences."
It is noticeable here that India's many banking scams and the leading infrastructure companies defaulted on payments to lenders triggering panic in the markets and the amount of 10% shares of UP Government in the NPS have not yet been paid .

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