Why BJP kept on waiting construction of Ram Temple?


The RSS has announced that it is to review the function of Uttar Pradesh government on Oct 24, and has also reprimanded the Union Government for Ram Temple issue.
Why is RSS trying to scrutinize the functioning of UP Government & is chiding to the Modi government while it has not been conferred any constitutional power like Governor, Prime Minister and President?
Why is it issuing command to the State government and is chiding Modi Government on the issue of Mandir construction has unexplained rights.
 Incase let it be assume that the BJP is an adopted child of RSS, why the BJP is replying clarification of its relation with the RSS to the oppositions? -- Who look saying like, “The BJP is a puppet and is being pulled or controlled by RSS.”
Many times other parties’ supremo and the former chief ministers of this state have also said so.
 It is noticeable that Mr Amit Shah and the assistant Dr Krishn Gopal Mishra including other chief of RSS will participate in the meeting that is to be held on 24th October.
It is strange that the RSS is going to discuss on the feedback review instead of top leaders of the BJP in this meeting -- even that the RSS can decide the future of many faces in the cabinet and in the organization.
It is not confirm that the PM Modi is to participate in this meeting, but cannot be denied too. However Yogi Aditya Nath and his Deputy Chief Ministers, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey, State BJP president and Mr Sunil Basal shall be participant of this meeting.
Sir Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief, has toughen his statement on Temple construction issue, "Why doesn’t the BJP bring in bill for the ‘construction of Ram temple'?"
The scheduled meeting has its own importance after the statement. However the statement of RSS chief that the Hindutva is not mature without Muslims had surprised the Muslim community; now he is trying to lure the scheduled caste.
If the RSS endorses all the needful help in election to the BJP, why it does not come in the fray?
Mohan Bhagwat’s statement appears that the BJP is trailing in the coming Parliamentary election 2019. The reason of this fact is that Mohan Bhagwat had not spoken such any statement before the parliamentary election-2014 whatever he is continue.
However it looks a split opposition, but no such sign is looking in future. if it hadn't so, the RSS should have not been under worrying.
It appears that there may be a big change to replace PM Narendra Modi after winning of the parliamentary election.
(‘We will arrive at Ramlala, and build temple there’) Ram Lala Hum Aayenge Aur Mandir Wahi Banayenge slogan has been shouted for the past many years, but it looks that there is no so far BJP government optimum.
Why? The reason is that no such slogan is in propaganda campaign of present government as has been shouted during the Babri Masjid demolition.
Where the resentment is among the Hindu for the BJP policies; the awareness is also here that the BJP has formed its government with grand-slam victory; and if it ensures, it can bring in a law to construct Ram Temple, but it is kidding the Hindu’s faith.
Although the BJP shall bring in a bill before the election after a scold of RSS; and will construct Ram Temple so that it could hide its tenure’s flaws, showing Hindu's card to let the BJP be able to win the election—2019.
It explains that there may be sporadic riots with the construction of Temple; there may be murders of a few innocents; the curfew can be clamped; the arrested shall be sent behind the bars; but after the construction completed, there shall return of peace and normalcy in situation in the affected areas.
Ram Temple Nirman bill can be passed exactly as the SC/ST revision bill was passed. Both matters were in the court and the BJP, having gone against the court’s verdict, achieved success in passing the SC/ST bill in both houses; in the same way, it can bring in bill for Ram temple construction and shall be able to pass it; but why the BJP has been waiting the election-2019 for Ram Temple after winning its parliamentary election-2014 is not better to write here?

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