Afghanistan after death of Abdul Razik; a review

The increasing influence of Taliban over the territory and battling its continued attacks in the region, the Afghan government is facing consecutive setback.
As there was a meeting going on in Southern province, Kandhar, of this country, on October 18 last month; a terrorist, disguised as security man, reached there and gunned down Abdul Razik, police chief and Abdul Momin, intelligence chief. Taliban took the responsibility.
The importance of Abdul Rajik can be understood that the election of Kandhar province was postponed after this killing. Many renowned personalities including PM Narendra Modi expressed their grief for this incident.
It is said after the killing of Abdul Razik that the incident has paved the way of Taliban to siege the Southern province. Is it true indeed? Many international journalists’ opinion is so.
They say that Afghanistan, especially in Kandahar Province, Abdul Razik’s respect was at its acme than other police officers. He was as a national commander there. He was count among a strongman in Southern Afghanistan, which USA supported him ignoring the Afghanistan government.
Razik was too influential that he had declined to have taken the order of Afghan government. He condemned President, Ashraf Ghani, many times, but the action was never taken against Razik because of American intervention.
Abdul Razik expelled Taliban from Kandahar in his commanding of Afghan army with the help of American till 2014. Taliban had always been battling to take over Afghanistan in Razik's presence. However Taliban once again has controlled on vast area of Kandahar with the help of Iran and Russia, after leaving US army Afghanistan. If the peace talk is held, Taliban shall be domineering in future because they would have been spirited much after Razik’s death.
Ashley Jackson is one of the journalists who has met with Abdul Razik and is familiar with his respect and the influence in the region.
Taliban has won a tough battle of Afghan’s future by killing Razik, he says. If let us accept Jacson’s view, there is no able officer who can render his duties like Abdul Razik in Afghanistan after Razik’s death. Other known person assume that his departure has created a 'power vacuums' among the security forces that is good news for Taliban.
Whatever a brief meeting or talk held between Taliban and Afghanistan had also a role of Razik? This death has caused a situation of commanding void in armed power.
According to the conversant with the issue, Taliban shall take its benefits and shall have the Afghan Government accepted its conditions for the control of territory.
That his image was not limited only to the trusted personnel or commander of armed force, but Razik being so dominant: the reason was that he had been national hero among the people of Afghanistan. He was most popular in Kandhar because that he was ‘Achakjai’. This surname is belonging to Durrani Kabila that had been the past ruler of Afghanistan’s history.
Ashley Jackson wrote in her article after Razik’s death, “not only Southern Afghanistan but also the whole country’s weak future is now under growing threat. The mounting of violent clash is imminent after the year 2001. According to the armed experts, Kandahar is a territory where it a little economically flourished than other areas of this country and was away from the access of siege policy of Taliban. Razik was accepted national hero of Afghanistan."
She added in her article, “Razik was the accused of war crime, but he had expelled Taliban; and opposing the intervention of Pakistan in Afghan issues, he garnered the pleasure of Kandahar people. Razik used to pay atrocities with the enemy, but it does not affected his image among the people of Kandahar rather he was appreciated.”
According to Jackson, “After Razik’s death, Taliban shall intense its effort repeatedly to siege those areas where its fighter militants had surrendered.
Only if Afghanistan is most insecure after the death of a police officer, a class admits its cause of US wrong policies there and the politics of country. The politics of Afghanistan has been under the dominance of Army Chiefs. America and international community favoured there democracy after 2001; but together like Abdul Razik, they supported powerful Army Chiefs.
According to Ashley Jackson, the America's patting to Razik that improved mere such situation in Afghanistan that could have made America benefitted. If we accept her, America always enforced to find the quick solution of problems for what there could have not been maintained economic and political stability for long term. It sowed seeds of ignoring the democratic government and happening of violence in future. The present situation is its result.
Actually America and other international powers reckoned that only Abdul Razik could have combat better to Taliban. Well, they ignored the negative effect of Abdul Razik; consequently he garnered so dominance that he began to run a parallel government. According to many media reports, Razik had established the drugs addiction business. he was accused of Human Rights violation and atrocities with the captured people(including Taliban militants) during the violent clash. Wiki leaks had told in its report 2010 that US was aware of all these facts, but it was going on the policy with the assumption of security guarantee to Afghanistan. The guarantee has now ended and at least Taliban got an open way to make its political and armed strong hold in Southern Afghanistan.

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