Ayodhya again with Ram Bhakt; but peacefully!

Ashis Kumar Singh;Ayodhya
The convened Dharma Sabha on November 25 at Ayodhya for the construction of Ram Mandir after the demolition of Babari Maszid in 1991 became the place of surge of people. About 4 lakh people reached there on call for the warning to the government to clear the roadmap for the temple construction.
Many Hindus on this occasion to show the strengths of their pious devotion reached and participated in Dharma Sabha. No sporadic untoward incident has been officially reported.
The over-crowded people were shouting slogans (Jai Sri Ram) at Parikrama Marg Bada Bhakt Mall.
Addressing the crowd, the member of Dharma Sabha said, “ Ramlala was mine; we want acquisition of all land at temple site; a bit of land shall not be left for Muslims.”
the BJP national president in a media statement has said, “if it had been in my power, Ram temple would have been constructed.”

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