Delhi Crime Branch solves murder mystery; UP police suspected it honour killing

Mohd Azam; New Delhi
The Delhi police crime branch has solved the shrouded mystery over the murder of a family suspected kidnapping from Wazirabad area New Delhi two years ago. The special police team has arrested in this connection a man named Abhishekh. A girl, Naina Kirodiwal, 21, was murdered in July 2016; her body was disposed near canal at Dhaulana in Hapur and a Santro car was recovered from the canal.
When UP police reached to the girl's home then found the family members of deceased were not present there. The police began to search of her family members, but was failed to trace them. Further when they took the help of surveillance to trace the mobile phones of family members, they found all the cell phones were switched off at Wazirabad area.
The police was investigating then to find these unexplained questions:
1-Who and why did commit the murder of Naina?
2- Who had derived Naina’s car up to Dhaulana 100 kilometer away while she had no knowledge of car driving?
3-Where had disappeared her family a day before of her body found?
4-Lest behind Naina’s murder should be her own family, was also a fact.
5- Lest the Naina’s family should be the victim of any hatched conspiracy, think it.
6-Why her and her mother’s cell phone were switched off two days before of her murder?
7- Whether Naina was murdered in Delhi and her body was disposed in Hapur?
The police had suspected Naina’s mother, father and brother were the murderers, and kept on investigating this murder as a case of honour killing.
While the hatched conspiracy was executed by Abhishekh with his accomplice; and UP Police had earlier told that Ved Prakash had killed his family including daughter where Delhi police narrates it -- Ved Prakash is the victim!
According to Delhi Police, Abhishek with his accomplice Babla and other accused assassinated all the 4 family members one-by-one and disposed their bodies throwing  in Ganga canal.
Delhi police got information that Abhishek was involved in this murder case. Police arrested him. When police quizzed roughly, he broke his silence and confessed the crime.
Abhishekh told that his friend Bawla and with the help of Ved Prakash’s relative Sonu had hatched conspiracy. Actually Ved Prakash had had given some money to Abhishekh and Ritesh. Retesh had used to work at Ved’s garment shop, but these were not returning the owed money.   The duo’s activity had resented Ved.
Abhishek hatched conspiracy and to execute these assassinations, he indulged Babla, a local criminal. Trio were to capture the property by killing the family.
Abhishek bought the weapon of murder and later by some trick he took Ved Prakash together. He murdered Ved Prakash with the help of Babla. Actually when Ved Prakash was going with Abhishek, his son, Shubham had seen them. Now he carried Shubham calling by trick and committed  Shubham’s murder too.
He carried Ved’s wife, Sadhna and daughter, Naina one-by-one calling by trick and murdered them; threw four bodies in Upper Ganga canal.
The car was recovered with the Naina’s dead body, but other deceased of family could not have been recovered which caused the assumption of honour killing.
The investigation of Delhi police exposed that it was not an honour killing, but was the planned murders. The murders were executed by Abhishekh, Babla alias Sonu, Ritesh including other. Babla died in Road accident and another accused committed suicide. The police enquiry is still continuing.
The UP police failed through the fact that the accused and deceased were in last contact by cell phones.

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