Muslims may leave Ayodhya before November 24

Mr Mohammad Iqbal, plaintiff in the matter of Babri Mosque and Ram Janam Bhaumi dispute, has warned the local administration that the Muslims can leave Ayodhya in the wake of crowd arrival in a scheduled progarme by Shiv Sena and Vishwa Hindu Parishad on November 24-25.

It is noticeable that Shiv Sena, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, International Hindu Parishad and RSS—all are to reach at the disputed place for the purpose of Ram Madir that has comprised arrival of Shiv Sena Chief at Ayodhya  in person for a holy sight of Ramlala.
According to the sources, the main Hinduvadi organizations including saints in large numbers have begun the preparations to march Ayodhya. The people and the saints in large numbers are following the preparation to reach there.
Iqbal said, “It is apprehended that the surge of crowd on November 24-25 may be overcrowd, exactly as it was on December 6th, 1992. Not only Babri Mosque was demolished then, but also many worship places were ransacked; many houses were set on fire."
Iqbal added, “If his and other Muslims were not assured for the security here, there is no way except to leave Ayodhya.”

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