Police Lathi Charge in front State Assembly of Uttar Pradesh

 Demonstrators beaten in Lathi Charge infront  of State Assembly of Uttar Pradesh
A strong demonstration was staged in protest against the cancellation of government teachers’ appointments on Friday in Lucknow. The Lucknow Bench of High Court Allahabad ordered the cancellation of appointments more than 12000 and has recommended the CBI enquiry into the process of appointment. The demonstrating teachers were on roads against the High Court decision. The police had to control the crowd by Lathi Charge.
12,460 trainee teachers’ appointments have been cancelled by the High Court Allahabad bench Lucknow on Thursday. The notification had been issued during Akhilesh government in the year 2016. one more decision by high court on Friday has created tough situation for Yogi Adityanath’s government when it ordered the CBI enquiry into the case of 68500 teachers posts recruitment done in the beginning this year.
The police protection chain was tried to break when the trainee teachers were demonstrating in front of State Assembly Friday afternoon. Police had to Lathi Charge to control the demonstrators. While the police have claimed none were injured, but the trainee teachers have claimed that many injured and tumbled down on ground in police Lathi Charge.
It is noticeable that the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad cancelled the appointments on Thursday saying the recruitment in the year 2016 on 12460 teachers posts were against the rules. The court in another decision has given order to CBI enquiry into the recruitment on the 68500 vacant posts of assistant teachers of primary schools in the state.
The bench of Justice Irshad Ali disposed many writ-petition filed in the recruitment of 12460 posts of trainee teachers ordered so. The court said the assistant teachers’ recruitment by the government on 21 December 2016 was not according to the Primary Teachers draft service rules of Uttar Pradesh. Court has ordered to government to begin the recruitment process again. The court has given the state government a time frame of three months. the same Bench has  ordered the CBI enquiry for the process that had begun in the recruitment of 68500 posts of assistant teachers under the Advertisement published on January 23 this years.
Court has also directed that the officers found guilty in this recruitment should be taken action against them. The court has ordered the CBI to submit it status report on November 26 and also ordered to CBI to complete its investigation within 6 months.

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