Eventually BJP ables to know farmers' woes before Parliamentary Election

Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
The Union Government is going to gift the farmers after the defeat of its ruling government in 5 states in the recent Assembly Election. According to the source, the Union Government may waive the earned interest of farmers who have taken loans and paying its instalments uniformly on time to the banks.
The burden of this outlay of government treasure shall bear about 15 thousand crore additional fund. Moreover there is a plan, or say recommendation, to waive the insurance premium completely and also is in mood to slash the rate of insurance premium.
Actually the BJP has lost its ruling government in Madhya Pradesh, Chhatisgarh and Rajasthan assembly election after the announcement of results in November 18. The concluded defeat was the consequence of the stress among farmers’ resentment in the rural. The high level meetings in last few days over these issues were held to resolve the agricultural sector where the government is in mood to provide the farmers immediate relief like 4 percent interests rebate over the loans taken by the farmers and had been returned its instalment by them on time. The plan to remove the problem of MSP and high production of crops was thoroughly discussed.
The farmers are lending the loans on 7% interest rates up to 3 lakhs. the farmers who are paying the interest on time are being given additional 3% rebate since beginning; and in general, 2% interest rebate to the farmers and 5% assistance on loan interest to have been paid on time is to burdened over the government plan of Rs 15 thousand crore per annum.
if the subsidy on interest to the farmers who have been paying the loans instalments on time are given, it shall bear the burden Rs 3 thousand crore.
The intention of union government is clear here to lure the farmers before the parliamentary election 2019; where the Uttar Pradesh shall play an important role to form next government in the centre, in the wake of all these aspects Uttar Pradesh government has issued an order on December 14; and the fund of 13 billion 44 crore for the marginal and the small farmers’ loan waiving and 1 billion 50 crore for the scheduled caste and scheduled tribes have been released for the FY 2018-19.
The Union Government is intending to provide the relief in the PMFBY. Under this scheme, there has been made the provisions to give up the premiums on the food crops, and to rebate relief on horticulture crop. Under the scheme of PMFBY, the farmers are to pay the premium of 2% on Khareef crops; 1.5% on Rabi crops; 5% on horticulture and occupational crops. The outstanding premiums are paid by the Union and states government equally in two-half. The farmers are paying premiums of 5 thousand crore Rupees on Khareef and Rabi. If the premiums are given up, the burden over the farmers shall be offloaded.
Let us see how these huge relief funds is to make its way up to the peasants in last 3 months of this financial year and is to benefit in extracting their votes for the BJP is the affirmative subject of analysis on field?

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