'Jansatta' new party for equality in UP; in nation: Raghuraj Pratap Singh

It is surprising that Shivpal Singh Yadav's ongoing rift in family caused the declaration of a new party a month ago; and following this formation, a new party declared in Uttar Pradesh by Raghuraj Pratap Singh shows some new political equation again in the coming Lok Sabha election 2019.

The political scenario is approaching towards the polarization of votes bank of OBC & General. What impact shall be on next parliamentary election-2019 of these new emergence is to be reckoned; and it may be the turning point for the national level parties.
Independent MLA Kunda in Uttar Pradesh, Mr Raghuraj Pratap Singh nick name Raja Bhayya, on Friday began his party with all the Omen  and has said in his inaugural speech addressing to the gathering in Rama Bai Maidan Lucknow that his party will fight for the ethnic equality of all communities. Many people may say him against and the anti-Dalits in the forth coming days, but he is talking only for equality.
In the rally organized on the occasion of his 25 years completion in politics, Raja Bhayya said, “We will fight for the equality of all religions and castes. The laws for SC & ST Acts have been revised years -by- years and made it more complicate. All the parties, after being termed it illegal by the apex court, became unite to reconstitute this law in parliament.”

He posed question and said, “Why have the separate rules of compensation on murders and rapes for the different castes. We will begin a fight for equality; we are against the reservation in promotion.”
He added, “After selected the name -- Jansatta Dal, Jansatta Party and Jansatta Loktantrik Party -- he has filed documents for the registration of a new party; subsequently, the executive-body shall be constituted. The membership campaign shall be started and manifesto of party shall be declared then. He alleged that all the political parties are constantly continue to divide the society on the basis of caste and region while the people want unity and fraternity. Raja Bhayya has been on the minister posts in UP during the regime of Kalyan Singh, Akhilesh Yadav and Raj Nath Singh.”
A huge crowd in Rama Bai Maidan was present on Friday noon; the people from different community from different districts of Uttar Pradesh were sat to hear the speech of Raghuraj Pratap Singh. They were shouting slogans: Jai Raghuraj, Jai Raghuraj; and the written ‘Jansatta’ caps were on people's head.

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