Ruling BJP loses in 3 States; long waiting Congress ends its exile

The congress party in Madhya Pradesh is to near the majority point. According to the votes counting trends till evening, the congress is running ahead on 115 assembly seats; while the numbers of general majority of the 230 assembly seats are 116.
The ruling BJP has won 3 seats so far as shown on trends of election commission websites; while it is running ahead on 103 seats – resulting assembly seats are added to the ruling party, which is 106, short of majority seats 9!
Gondwana Gantantra Party (GGP) and Samajwadi party both has declared their supports to the Indian National Congress, according to the report.

One of GGP and two of SP candidates are running ahead in the state. So the majority statistics of assembly seats in these conditions reach to the 118 which seem that the congress is to form government with majority.
Just so far 3 results have been declared, and these go to the ruling BJP where the BSP on 2, and independent including others are on 4 running ahead.

Former Prime Minister; HD Devegowda
The intentions of making India 'Congress-free','opposition-free' shows the arrogance of BJP. The people have made this nation 'arrogance-free' by voting out BJP. Atleast now, the BJP should put some efforts to make this nation 'problem-free' and stop the unwanted 'travel-spree'.

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