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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Police unearth gruesome murder mystery of woman

By on Thursday, January 31, 2019

Ayodhya(Ranjeet Rai)
Strangling his sweetheart, an amorist had murdered her. his doubt  for her cross affair with another during his service in Gujarat had intended him to kill her.
 He had called her outskirt of village by cell phone. After a quarrel on this pity issue he killed her in a wheat field. They both came to close when they were studying.
This incident took place in a Dholi Aaskaran village under Khadasa police station, District Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh. The accused Suraj is the resident of Raunahi. After his arrest police has sent him jail.
Saroj 23 years, woman, had to face the wrath of not responding on phone talk.  Suraj, 19 years, could not bear this telephone denial and strangulated her in the wheat crop field; consequently she was killed.
According to police,  Mr Sanjey Kumar, SP rural, said that Saroj Kumari, Angnu’s daughter, resident of village Dholi Askaran, had gone out the evening of 26th January, but she did not return back. Next day morning nearby people saw the body of a woman in the field of Mata Prasad and after recognizing the identity the people informed the police Khadasa and deceased family.
A police team was set up to investigate the case. on a tip off by informer on January 30, the police arrested the accused Suraj Kumar under section 302 and 201 IPC.
After a tough introgation, Suraj confessed his commission of crime. he narrated the story that both used to talk on phone… but for last few days she was avoiding.
After forbidding her she asserted that it was her will that that she thought fit to talk, she would… why should I have to interfere her?
This was the reason why I had called her in Mata Prasad’s wheat crop field on 26th January.
We began a convincing talk here and it turned into anger, which caused her strangulation by my right hand; and hid the body into wheat field we run away from the spot. His left hand was wrapped with the plaster.
He added Saroj was married in her childhood, but she did not have a relation with the illiterate husband. She had qualified her under graduation. Suraj who was in working in Gujarat had come at his home was her close relative.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Legal notice to Waseem Rizvi on Madarsas shut down

By on Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Now the trouble is seemed to be growing for the UP Waqf Board chairman, Mr Waseem Rizvi, who, through his letter to PM Modi, had called upon saying to shut down Madarsas, contending that these were being funded by ISIS to spur the students into terrorism.
The hurt by the published Rizvi’s statement in the media, the social worker,RTI Activist and journalist, Tanveer Ahmad Siddiqui, has got a legal notice issued to Mr Rizvi sending it to his Lucknow residence.
Rizvi has been inquired through this notice about his fact findings studies on funding by Terrorists Organisations to the Madarsas, about the encouraging of students into the activities of terrorism and more than 50% Muslims to be terrorists in the forthcoming 15 years.
The notice is conditional which has had -- if the reply is not responded within the 15 days of its service, there is no way except to the legal action.
Saying his primary education from Madrasas, Mr Tanveer contends that the Rizvi’s statement is unforgivable because it hurts the emotions of Muslim community.
    Mr Tanveer allegedly says in this notice that Rizvi’s statement is the use of cheap and unacceptable words for the Indian Muslims, which have made his Muslimism inferior in the eyes of non Muslims friends and consequently of  his being shocked personally.

Saturday, January 26, 2019


By on Saturday, January 26, 2019

This is ridiculous that government’ debt has increased by 49% in the last four and half years while the fortunes of billionaires have multiplied manifold.
Do we not need anything new to this rotting economy to bring in inclusive in it? Total liabilities of the government has increased 49 per cent to Rs 82 lakh crore in the last four-and-half years during the Narendra Modi government, as per the 8th Edition of the Status Paper on Government Debt released Friday.
Compared to the latest data available till September 2018 when the total debt of the Central Government stood at Rs 82, 03,253 crore, the corresponding amount till June 2014 was Rs 54, 90,763 crore, the Finance Ministry's data on government borrowings shows.
The huge surge in government's debt has been propelled by 51.7 per cent growth in public debt from Rs 48 lakh crore to Rs 73 lakh crore in the four-and-half year period, which in turn was driven by 54 per cent rise in internal debt to about Rs 68 lakh crore.
Dependence on market loans shows a similar rise of 47.5 per cent to more than Rs 52 lakh crore during the period. While debt rose through gold bonds was nil at the end of June 2014, it stood at Rs 9,089 crore including the gold monetization scheme? The Central government, in the status paper on government debt, gave a detailed analysis of the overall debt position of the government of India. It has been bringing out an annual status paper on government debt since 2010-11.
Government is primarily resorting to market-linked borrowings for financing its fiscal deficit. While the country's debt has been on the rise, little help is expected from the fiscal deficit side in the current financial year. The fiscal deficit in the first eight months till November stands at Rs 7.17 lakh crore, or 114.8 per cent of the full year's target.
The multibillion questions arise as to how will India grow economically while the inequality is rising very fast in India? India’s top 9 billionaires own as much as the country’s poorest half, according to an annual report by anti-poverty campaigner Oxfam, which looked at inequalities in 2018.
All of the economic parameters are down for example, the non banking financing sector is down, NPA is on rise and fiscal deficit is widening, but the number of billionaires are on rise in the country; therefore, something is fundamentally wrong with our economic model.
The Oxfam report released in 2019 tells us a very fearful story and we should sit back and think about it seriously. Do we need a new tax structure so that these nine billionaires controlling half of the emerging India are taxed properly in accordance with their proportionate wealth?


The world’s richest 26 billionaires own as much wealth as the 3.8 billion people in the bottom half of humanity, while India’s top 9 billionaires own as much as the country’s poorest half.
The world has over 2,200 billionaires, which is more than twice as many as in 2008. India has 119 billionaires, after adding 18 in 2018. The world’s richest 26 billionaires own as much wealth as the 3.8 billion people in the bottom half of humanity; while India’s top 9 billionaires own as much as the country’s poorest half, according to an annual report by anti-poverty campaigner Oxfam, which looked at inequalities in 2018.
Globally, billionaires’ fortunes rose by 12% to $900 billion, or $2.5 billion a day in 2018, whereas the poorest half of the world’s population saw their wealth decline by 11%, Oxfam said in its study, released before the start of the five-day World Economic Forum annual meeting in Davos.
In India, the wealth of billionaires rose by over one-third from $325 billion to $440 billion, which translates to Rs 2,200 crore a day, Oxfam said.


$ 7,500 billion
$ 325 billion
$ 8,400 billion
$ 440 billion
$ 900 billion
$ 115 billion
$ 2.5 billion
$ 0.31 billion


TOP 1%
+ 39%
+ 3%
+ 12%
Between 2017 and 2018, the world created a new billionaire every two days. Between 2018 & 2022, India will add an estimated 70 new millionaires per day.
The world has over 2,200 billionaires, which is more than twice as many as in 2008. India has 119 billionaires, after adding 18 in 2018. While billionaires’ wealth grew by 12%, the wealth of the 3.8 billion in the poorest half of the world population dropped by 11%.
In India, the richest 1% added 39% to their wealth, while the poorest half added just 3%. The Oxfam report states that his wealth, at Rs 2.8 lakh crore, is more than the combined revenue and capital expenditure of the Centre and states for medical, public health, sanitation and water supply.
The world’s richest man, owner of Amazon, saw his fortune increase to $112bn. Just 1% of his fortune is the equivalent to the whole health budget for Ethiopia, a country of 105 million people, Oxfam states.
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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Shut down Madaras for children or see IS embolden boys in forthcoming 15 years: Waseem Rizvi to PM

By on Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Shiate Waqf Board Uttar Pradesh, chairman, Waseem Rizvi, has written a letter to the PM, Modi, appealing the closure of primary Madarsas in the country. He has claimed that the concept of Terrorist Organisation Islamic State is being spurred in these Madrsas.
According to media, Mr Waseem Rizvi, has written in this letter, “It is worldwide spread that to carry out an operation, the children are targeted, the Islamic State is also creeping slowly its grip among the Muslim populated areas worldwide presently. In such condition, if these Madrsas are not shut down early, more than 50% Muslims shall be the supporters of the concept of this terrorist organization in the forthcoming 15 years."
Kashmir is IS prone state today; numbers of IS embolden supporters can be seen here, he added. The IS, having provided the economic assistance to the Madrsas here, is forcing the children on the path of radicalism. The children who study in the Madrsas are being unsympathetic in the reference of other religions. The primary Madarsas in the rural areas of the country are also being run in the same pattern.
 Rizvi beg to the PM that the Muslim children must be taught up to high school in the common schools. Mere ahead of it, they should be given the chance to opt the study in Madrsas. This shall create an amiable atmosphere for them mutually with the children of other communities and religions.
Anyway, this is not the first occasion when Waseem Rizvi, from the Shiite community, has said any other statement from the recognitions of his own religion; he had supported the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. According to him, there was no mosque at the disputed spot of Ayodhya. Moreover he had said the people who protest against the construction of Ram Madir in Ayodhya should go to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Monday, January 21, 2019

China and Singapore are developing so because no Jantar-Mantar is there to protest: Giriraj Singh in corporate summit

By on Monday, January 21, 2019

Ishita Rai;New Delhi
Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Saturday said, “China and Singapore have not to face the hurdle for the development because they don’t have to deal with the agitation like Jantar-Mantar. The state minister MSME, Giriraj Singh, said this statement in Gndhi Nagar during Vibrant Gujarat Summit.
Mr Prasun Mukherjee,the vice chairman of Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, before the speech of Giriraj Singh in summit, said, “in spite of being small country, Singapore has achieve a grand economic development.”
Minister Girira Singh moved to stage exactly after Prasun’s speech, said, “Mukherjee was talking about the GDP of Singapore. I muttered myself, --Mukherjee Sahib, Singapore possesses no Delhi…and no Jantar Mantar -- where do the people make their gathering to protest there the Government policies.”
He added, “China also has no Jantar Mantar, so it does not face the hurdle of development.”
Jantar Mantar is place near parliament in New Delhi where do the people stage their protest and this place is seen a spot of protest under democratic way in the country.

Whether the opposition is the pawn of corporate rivalry: Nirmala Sita Raman

The Defence Minister Nirmla Sita Raman has said on Saturday alleging the opposition making false propaganda against Rafale deal whether the opposition is the pawn under corporate rivalry. She targeted the opposition to defuse the efforts to buy 36 fighter jets.
India’s strategic interest in the reference of Rafale deal, Sitaraman said targeting on opposition in a symposium, “whether India’s interest is at top of your agenda or you are going to be the part of a corporate rivalry anyhow? Whether your intention is to fail this purchase – if this intention is to pause this purchase, it is not in national interest!”
The defence minister said that we cannot be the pawn of corporate to be stubborn over the government constantly, to make false propaganda among or misinformation to the people. She said, “since the Modi government came in power, the middlemen have been barred from the entry of defence ministry.’

In the deal of Rafale fighter jets, the purchase of each jet has increased about 41.42% than its earlier rate. A news paper published this report has been the cause of new contention between the government and the opposition.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


By on Sunday, January 20, 2019

Despite being the world’s fastest-growing major economy, India’s employment rate declined from 43.5% in January 2016 to 40.6% in March 2018, a recent report by the credit ratings agency CARE states.
The growth rate has tapered. In financial year 2018, for instance, employment grew at a mere 3.8%, compared with 4.2% in the previous fiscal. India’s unemployment rate shot up to 7.4 per cent in December 2018. This is the highest unemployment rate we’ve seen in 15 months.
The rate has increased sharply from the 6.6 per cent clocked in November. The climb to 7.4 per cent also indicates that the small fall in the unemployment rate seen in November was possibly an aberration in a trend that indicates a steady increase in the unemployment rate. The 30-day moving average of the unemployment rate had climbed up much ahead by January 6 2018, to 7.8 per cent. The count of unemployed has been increasing steadily.
Over the year ended December 2018, it increased by a substantial 11 million. Correspondingly, the count of the employed is declining. In December 2018, an estimated 397 million were employed. This is nearly 11 million less than the employment estimate for December 2017.This is a very large fall in employment. Note that the sample of December 2018 is broadly the same as the sample of December 2017.
Therefore, the difference in employment is not because of a difference in the sample. In terms of employment prospects, beneficiaries of the 10 per cent reservation for economically weaker sections in the general category, which was passed in Parliament last week, will face a steadily shrinking jobs pool in the central government, Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) and even banks, official figures show.
The latest data compiled by the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) on recruitment over the last three years through the main agencies — Union Public Service Commission (UPSC), Staff Selection Commission (SSC), Railway Recruitment Board (RRB) — show a declining trend in selection and recruitment, from 1,13,524 cumulatively in FY2015 to 1,00,933 in FY2017.Separate data from the Ministry of Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises show that the number of employees in CPSEs declined from 16.91 lakh in FY2014 to 15.23 lakh in FY2017. But for a small increase in FY2017, there is a steady decline in the numbers over the last four years.




However, if the number of contractual and casual workers were to be excluded the number of those employed by CPSEs was 11.31 lakh in FY2017 compared to 11.85 lakh in FY2016, a reduction in employee strength by 4.60 per cent.
The government does not maintain a centralised database on jobs created or employees retired. In the case of banks, RBI data show that while the total employment has increased by about 4.5 per cent, the hike was on account of the hiring of officers. Recruitment in the two other job categories namely, clerks and subordinate staff has gone down nearly 8 per cent between FY2015 and FY2017.


A report from rating agency CARE, released in October 2018, revealed that India's employment scenario is not looking good. It said job growth in corporate India moderated to 3.8 % in fiscal year 2018, from 4.2 % in the previous fiscal and the problem is most severe with smaller companies.
The report, based on an analysis of over 1,600 corporates, said smaller companies with net sales of less than Rs. 500 crore have witnessed a contraction in employment growth, while larger companies with over Rs 500 crore sales had a positive employment growth in 2017-18.
This comes on the heels of GDP growth projections, both by global and domestic agencies, placing India at the top of the world growth chart and is giving us Goosebumps with the thought that once again India is set to beat China on growth rate. But the fact is GDP figures do not make much sense to the common man if there aren’t enough jobs to go around.
The problem is going to multiply manifold if the jobs are not generated with sufficient pace in smaller companies, as the CARE survey says because that's where the majority in the economy of 1.3 billion people are employed. The CARE figures confirm the fears of a jobless growth in the economy, which is a political setback for Narendra Modi who is set to seek the public's mandate in less than four months from now.
A decline in the job numbers would also give room to multiple questions--What happened to the famed start-up promotion our PM has been advocating from Day One, the Skill India campaign that intended to generate jobs, the numerous calls to foreign investors to put more money on the table on stalled projects to revive the economic momentum. The private investment scenario too doesn't look good.
Recently, economy monitoring agency, CMIE, said private sector investments continue to remain low. Logically, this has had an adverse impact on stalled projects, which according to CMIE is on the rise. Its data says Indian companies announced new projects worth Rs 1.49 lakh crore in the quarter ended September 2018, down 41% from the previous quarter, and 12% lower than in the same period last year.
If one looks deeper at the numbers, the problem is mainly in the private sector, which is refusing to put fresh money on the table. That is the root of unemployment because unless fresh money comes to the economy, the question of new jobs doesn’t have much relevance.
The fact is new projects aren’t taking place because investors aren’t too optimistic about the economic scenario on the ground. Crucial land, labour reforms are pending even now. The current situation, in a way, is reminiscent of UPA’s period of ‘jobless growth’ characterized by a phase of high GDP growth, but with no corresponding job creation on the ground. Critics pointed out then that unless the fruits of high economic growth reach the job seeker, the whole growth-talk is a farce.
 The displeasure on the ground on account of lack of jobs is a nightmare to any incumbent who is seeking a public mandate to return to office. Acknowledging the job problem is important, as one of Modi’s ministers did recently in the context of agitations in Maharashtra. But, many of the top ministers at the Centre continue to downplay the problem often picking up convenient data points that aren’t widely accepted. If not properly addressed, for a large economy like India, the dissent on the ground on rising unemployment can be unsettling. The tag of the world’s largest growing major economy may not be enough to calm job seekers.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

8 Charges proved against Prof Nishith Rai, VC, DSMNRU Lucknow

By on Thursday, January 17, 2019
The slapped 8 charges on, Dr Nishith Rai, former VC DSMNRU Lucknow, have been found correct. The ongoing inquiry report against Prof. Rai has been  submitted in a meeting held under the chairmanship of CM, Yogi Aditya Nath.
Giving a copy of this report to Prof Nishith Rai he has been asked to put his explanation till January 23.
The general council shall take its final decision after the reply and shall send its recommendation to the Chancellor and Governor of the state. 
The removed VC of Rehabilitation University, Pro Rai, was contemplated with the serious charges; namely, holding two posts, tampering in his date of birth, malpractices in the teachers appointments and in the research work admission and filing of the forged documents in the court.  
Removing him from the post in this connection an inquiry last year in February had been set up under the committee headed by retired Justice Shailendra Saxena.
The committee investigated the matter and taken the information on the record over the charges from Prof. Rai.
The inquiry report was put up before the the General Council on Wednesday. Mr Praveer Kumar, secretary and VC, has told here that the council has been apprised that the charges framed over Prof. Rai have been found proved.
The council has directed to give a chance of one week to Prof. Rai to explain his side in this connection.
The general council shall hold a meeting in this regard abiding one week time. The Recommendations after the decision taken shall be sent to the Governor. Prof. Rai’s tenure is going to end on 27th January this year.

The new PhD ordinance and the affiliation rule for the University were put up before the council meeting. However there was no discussion in detail on this issue. The members were assigned the copy and said that if they are to advice on the tabled matter, they can put their views; while it is to put in the next meeting again.
     The framed charges are:
  1. Lien on two posts or simultaneous working on the vice chancellor and the Director of Urban Development Centre Lucknow University.
  2. The foul played in the appointments and formed selection committee arbitrarily
  3. Manipulation in his own date of birth.
  4. Unruly removal of registrar and finance officer
  5. admission taken in research work against the rule
  6. Given the affiliation to the colleges against the rule.
  7. Foreign trip against the rule.
  8. Filing the forge documents in the court.
  9. Prof. Nishith Rai has said, he has not yet seen the report.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Rajpoot Karni Sena UP protested Samjawadi party spokesperson

By on Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Protesters at Samajwadi party office in Lucknow on Monday this week
Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
Sri Rajput Karni Sena Uttar Pradesh staged a protest against Samajwadi Party Spokesperson Sunil Sajan in front of Samajwadi Party Office at Lucknow on Monday this week.
The people in a crowd were protesting and chanting slogans against Sunil Sajan, spokesperson of Samjwadi Party and they were demanding from the party president to intervene in this matter and to express his regret by removing Mr. Sunil Sajan from the important post immediately.
It is noticeable, Mr. Sunil Yadav Sajan on 9th of January had spoken during a debate on a news channel about Rajputa: ‘Angrezon Ka Ghulam.’
Mr. Aditya Vikram Sahi, State Secretary of this Organization, said, ‘this is insulting that Mr. Sajan told Rajputas were the slave of the English.’

It is not only insulting, but also spreading enmity and disintegrity among the unity of society, he alleged, which we cannot tolerate from any person, any social organization or any political parties. The statement of Sunil Sajan is not only stemming up resentment among the youth, but also is a show off downgrade thinking. It also proves that the historical Knowledge of spokesperson is idle. Despite the lack of Knowledge in history, such filthy and venomous thinking cannot be dubbed appropriate to discourse before the society.
He added that the spokesperson has not yet apologies even in spite of being protested through the different mediums of the society on this dirty statement, and nor Samajwadi party has yet taken any action against this spokes person who tried to create a nuisance of social harmony.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Incidentally we will fight strongly our battle in fray: Congress

By on Monday, January 14, 2019
Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Targeting the BJP, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, the National General Secretary of Indian National Congress, has said  that the Prime Minister of our country, Sri Narendra Modi Ji, has been posing the question since the election of 2014 till now that the Congress had done nothing in the past 70 years when his government is to go. 
He was addressing in a press conference held in Lucknow at Neharu Bhawan UPCC Sunday this week.
He said, we seriously want to clarify here that Modi Ji cannot hide his flaws behind noising so. 
None can forget the services of Nehru and Gandhi's works for the country. Everyone of the country understands it that the Congress since the freedom fighting and post independence has taken the decision and worked for the country.
He said, “we begin with the farmers: here we say the congress has been not only fighting for the farmers from pre independence, but also continues for the post independence. 
He recalls the agitation of Champaran under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi; Green Revolution under the leadership of Indira Gandhi, which was unveiled by Pt Nehru.”
The Zamindari abolition is a big post independence work by Pt Nehru. Pt Nehru, by Zamindari abolition, striping the lands from the rich and Nawabs, allocated to the poor working peasants who might have been of any caste and creeds. Later he had constructed the dams for the purpose of irrigation, which helped the production of electricity in the country.
The food grain shortage was at high when the country got independence; today the farmers are feeding whole India and exporting some of its part to other countries, he said.
We have brought the bill of land acquisition in the favour of farmers, which provides them the rights to sell land on their own will and are being paid 4 times cost if their land are acquired by the government. 
He said Rahul Gandhi is the only leader who is the voice of farmers today; he has been constantly working for the rise of farmers. 
Recently Rahul Gandhi had promised with the farmers, which we have fulfilled? We have waived the loans of farmers in the states where the congress led government is in power. 
We are not like BJP.  BJP and Modi what had assured to the farmers that they would waive the loans of farmers; would give them Rs15 lakh in each account; would bring back the black money, did nothing. This is the difference between the BJP and the Congress.
We have made a provision of 50%reservation in the district board Panchayat for the women empowerment in place of 33% reservation.
Mr Azad said in his reply of a question to media, we hadn’t said any statement about the Grand Alliance; it has been stemmed up by the media. We had talked about the alliance; the fight in fray is only between the Congress and the BJP – who desire to defeat the BJP are welcomed in our alliance, but there is no pressure. 
Many parties are to join; the parties are able to know whose interest are how much to defeat the BJP? 
Congress negotiation is going on in many states –  at the end of this month, our alliance shall be cleared about: 'which parties are with the Congress?'
He said other parties leaders to achieve their political mileage used to talk about the Bofors; then came 3 times PM Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji; now the PM Modi Ji – mere all they confused the public; none was able to give a result of corruption against Congress party since then till now.
He added that the party workers are pleased to hear that the congress is going to fight on 80 seats; none is in despair.
The present survey report says that the unemployment rate in India is 3.52% while it was 3.42% in the year 2014. Buntline correspondent asked:
Whether the Congress shall provide the employment 1 crore during its future 5 years tenure if it comes in power?
He replied this question, "Our manifesto includes the provision, for the farmers, for the MSME, for the employment, for ending unemployment, for the government employees, for the security of women and if we come in power at the centre, we will waive the loans of all the farmers."