8 Charges proved against Prof Nishith Rai, VC, DSMNRU Lucknow

The slapped 8 charges on, Dr Nishith Rai, former VC DSMNRU Lucknow, have been found correct. The ongoing inquiry report against Prof. Rai has been  submitted in a meeting held under the chairmanship of CM, Yogi Aditya Nath.
Giving a copy of this report to Prof Nishith Rai he has been asked to put his explanation till January 23.
The general council shall take its final decision after the reply and shall send its recommendation to the Chancellor and Governor of the state. 
The removed VC of Rehabilitation University, Pro Rai, was contemplated with the serious charges; namely, holding two posts, tampering in his date of birth, malpractices in the teachers appointments and in the research work admission and filing of the forged documents in the court.  
Removing him from the post in this connection an inquiry last year in February had been set up under the committee headed by retired Justice Shailendra Saxena.
The committee investigated the matter and taken the information on the record over the charges from Prof. Rai.
The inquiry report was put up before the the General Council on Wednesday. Mr Praveer Kumar, secretary and VC, has told here that the council has been apprised that the charges framed over Prof. Rai have been found proved.
The council has directed to give a chance of one week to Prof. Rai to explain his side in this connection.
The general council shall hold a meeting in this regard abiding one week time. The Recommendations after the decision taken shall be sent to the Governor. Prof. Rai’s tenure is going to end on 27th January this year.

The new PhD ordinance and the affiliation rule for the University were put up before the council meeting. However there was no discussion in detail on this issue. The members were assigned the copy and said that if they are to advice on the tabled matter, they can put their views; while it is to put in the next meeting again.
     The framed charges are:
  1. Lien on two posts or simultaneous working on the vice chancellor and the Director of Urban Development Centre Lucknow University.
  2. The foul played in the appointments and formed selection committee arbitrarily
  3. Manipulation in his own date of birth.
  4. Unruly removal of registrar and finance officer
  5. admission taken in research work against the rule
  6. Given the affiliation to the colleges against the rule.
  7. Foreign trip against the rule.
  8. Filing the forge documents in the court.
  9. Prof. Nishith Rai has said, he has not yet seen the report.

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