China and Singapore are developing so because no Jantar-Mantar is there to protest: Giriraj Singh in corporate summit

Ishita Rai;New Delhi
Union Minister Giriraj Singh on Saturday said, “China and Singapore have not to face the hurdle for the development because they don’t have to deal with the agitation like Jantar-Mantar. The state minister MSME, Giriraj Singh, said this statement in Gndhi Nagar during Vibrant Gujarat Summit.
Mr Prasun Mukherjee,the vice chairman of Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries, before the speech of Giriraj Singh in summit, said, “in spite of being small country, Singapore has achieve a grand economic development.”
Minister Girira Singh moved to stage exactly after Prasun’s speech, said, “Mukherjee was talking about the GDP of Singapore. I muttered myself, --Mukherjee Sahib, Singapore possesses no Delhi…and no Jantar Mantar -- where do the people make their gathering to protest there the Government policies.”
He added, “China also has no Jantar Mantar, so it does not face the hurdle of development.”
Jantar Mantar is place near parliament in New Delhi where do the people stage their protest and this place is seen a spot of protest under democratic way in the country.

Whether the opposition is the pawn of corporate rivalry: Nirmala Sita Raman

The Defence Minister Nirmla Sita Raman has said on Saturday alleging the opposition making false propaganda against Rafale deal whether the opposition is the pawn under corporate rivalry. She targeted the opposition to defuse the efforts to buy 36 fighter jets.
India’s strategic interest in the reference of Rafale deal, Sitaraman said targeting on opposition in a symposium, “whether India’s interest is at top of your agenda or you are going to be the part of a corporate rivalry anyhow? Whether your intention is to fail this purchase – if this intention is to pause this purchase, it is not in national interest!”
The defence minister said that we cannot be the pawn of corporate to be stubborn over the government constantly, to make false propaganda among or misinformation to the people. She said, “since the Modi government came in power, the middlemen have been barred from the entry of defence ministry.’

In the deal of Rafale fighter jets, the purchase of each jet has increased about 41.42% than its earlier rate. A news paper published this report has been the cause of new contention between the government and the opposition.

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