Incidentally we will fight strongly our battle in fray: Congress

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Targeting the BJP, Mr. Ghulam Nabi Azad, the National General Secretary of Indian National Congress, has said  that the Prime Minister of our country, Sri Narendra Modi Ji, has been posing the question since the election of 2014 till now that the Congress had done nothing in the past 70 years when his government is to go. 
He was addressing in a press conference held in Lucknow at Neharu Bhawan UPCC Sunday this week.
He said, we seriously want to clarify here that Modi Ji cannot hide his flaws behind noising so. 
None can forget the services of Nehru and Gandhi's works for the country. Everyone of the country understands it that the Congress since the freedom fighting and post independence has taken the decision and worked for the country.
He said, “we begin with the farmers: here we say the congress has been not only fighting for the farmers from pre independence, but also continues for the post independence. 
He recalls the agitation of Champaran under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi; Green Revolution under the leadership of Indira Gandhi, which was unveiled by Pt Nehru.”
The Zamindari abolition is a big post independence work by Pt Nehru. Pt Nehru, by Zamindari abolition, striping the lands from the rich and Nawabs, allocated to the poor working peasants who might have been of any caste and creeds. Later he had constructed the dams for the purpose of irrigation, which helped the production of electricity in the country.
The food grain shortage was at high when the country got independence; today the farmers are feeding whole India and exporting some of its part to other countries, he said.
We have brought the bill of land acquisition in the favour of farmers, which provides them the rights to sell land on their own will and are being paid 4 times cost if their land are acquired by the government. 
He said Rahul Gandhi is the only leader who is the voice of farmers today; he has been constantly working for the rise of farmers. 
Recently Rahul Gandhi had promised with the farmers, which we have fulfilled? We have waived the loans of farmers in the states where the congress led government is in power. 
We are not like BJP.  BJP and Modi what had assured to the farmers that they would waive the loans of farmers; would give them Rs15 lakh in each account; would bring back the black money, did nothing. This is the difference between the BJP and the Congress.
We have made a provision of 50%reservation in the district board Panchayat for the women empowerment in place of 33% reservation.
Mr Azad said in his reply of a question to media, we hadn’t said any statement about the Grand Alliance; it has been stemmed up by the media. We had talked about the alliance; the fight in fray is only between the Congress and the BJP – who desire to defeat the BJP are welcomed in our alliance, but there is no pressure. 
Many parties are to join; the parties are able to know whose interest are how much to defeat the BJP? 
Congress negotiation is going on in many states –  at the end of this month, our alliance shall be cleared about: 'which parties are with the Congress?'
He said other parties leaders to achieve their political mileage used to talk about the Bofors; then came 3 times PM Atal Bihari Bajpai Ji; now the PM Modi Ji – mere all they confused the public; none was able to give a result of corruption against Congress party since then till now.
He added that the party workers are pleased to hear that the congress is going to fight on 80 seats; none is in despair.
The present survey report says that the unemployment rate in India is 3.52% while it was 3.42% in the year 2014. Buntline correspondent asked:
Whether the Congress shall provide the employment 1 crore during its future 5 years tenure if it comes in power?
He replied this question, "Our manifesto includes the provision, for the farmers, for the MSME, for the employment, for ending unemployment, for the government employees, for the security of women and if we come in power at the centre, we will waive the loans of all the farmers."

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