Legal notice to Waseem Rizvi on Madarsas shut down

Now the trouble is seemed to be growing for the UP Waqf Board chairman, Mr Waseem Rizvi, who, through his letter to PM Modi, had called upon saying to shut down Madarsas, contending that these were being funded by ISIS to spur the students into terrorism.
The hurt by the published Rizvi’s statement in the media, the social worker,RTI Activist and journalist, Tanveer Ahmad Siddiqui, has got a legal notice issued to Mr Rizvi sending it to his Lucknow residence.
Rizvi has been inquired through this notice about his fact findings studies on funding by Terrorists Organisations to the Madarsas, about the encouraging of students into the activities of terrorism and more than 50% Muslims to be terrorists in the forthcoming 15 years.
The notice is conditional which has had -- if the reply is not responded within the 15 days of its service, there is no way except to the legal action.
Saying his primary education from Madrasas, Mr Tanveer contends that the Rizvi’s statement is unforgivable because it hurts the emotions of Muslim community.
    Mr Tanveer allegedly says in this notice that Rizvi’s statement is the use of cheap and unacceptable words for the Indian Muslims, which have made his Muslimism inferior in the eyes of non Muslims friends and consequently of  his being shocked personally.

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