Motorbike borne man plunges into roadside ditch; and got serious injury

Kshitiz Kant
A man, 55, resident of Rajaji Puram C-block, fell into a roadside ditch which was dug for the pillar erection on Talkatora road Lucknow on Friday evening this week.
Mr Anuj Srivastav, when he was going on Talkatora Road, near Millarea police outpost he could not assess a ditch ahead for the pillar that is to be erected for the flyover bridge from old Haiderganj upto Balajimandir, and he plunged into it where he sustained a serious injury.
The eyewitness who helped him to drag out from the depth told the correspondent that the man was inebriated condition; suddenly he could not control the bike and barged into the pit.
He was rushed to the nearby Avtar hospital where he got first aid assistance, and then his kin carried him somewhere else.

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