Police unearth gruesome murder mystery of woman

Ayodhya(Ranjeet Rai)
Strangling his sweetheart, an amorist had murdered her. his doubt  for her cross affair with another during his service in Gujarat had intended him to kill her.
 He had called her outskirt of village by cell phone. After a quarrel on this pity issue he killed her in a wheat field. They both came to close when they were studying.
This incident took place in a Dholi Aaskaran village under Khadasa police station, District Ayodhya Uttar Pradesh. The accused Suraj is the resident of Raunahi. After his arrest police has sent him jail.
Saroj 23 years, woman, had to face the wrath of not responding on phone talk.  Suraj, 19 years, could not bear this telephone denial and strangulated her in the wheat crop field; consequently she was killed.
According to police,  Mr Sanjey Kumar, SP rural, said that Saroj Kumari, Angnu’s daughter, resident of village Dholi Askaran, had gone out the evening of 26th January, but she did not return back. Next day morning nearby people saw the body of a woman in the field of Mata Prasad and after recognizing the identity the people informed the police Khadasa and deceased family.
A police team was set up to investigate the case. on a tip off by informer on January 30, the police arrested the accused Suraj Kumar under section 302 and 201 IPC.
After a tough introgation, Suraj confessed his commission of crime. he narrated the story that both used to talk on phone… but for last few days she was avoiding.
After forbidding her she asserted that it was her will that that she thought fit to talk, she would… why should I have to interfere her?
This was the reason why I had called her in Mata Prasad’s wheat crop field on 26th January.
We began a convincing talk here and it turned into anger, which caused her strangulation by my right hand; and hid the body into wheat field we run away from the spot. His left hand was wrapped with the plaster.
He added Saroj was married in her childhood, but she did not have a relation with the illiterate husband. She had qualified her under graduation. Suraj who was in working in Gujarat had come at his home was her close relative.

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