Rajpoot Karni Sena UP protested Samjawadi party spokesperson

Protesters at Samajwadi party office in Lucknow on Monday this week
Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
Sri Rajput Karni Sena Uttar Pradesh staged a protest against Samajwadi Party Spokesperson Sunil Sajan in front of Samajwadi Party Office at Lucknow on Monday this week.
The people in a crowd were protesting and chanting slogans against Sunil Sajan, spokesperson of Samjwadi Party and they were demanding from the party president to intervene in this matter and to express his regret by removing Mr. Sunil Sajan from the important post immediately.
It is noticeable, Mr. Sunil Yadav Sajan on 9th of January had spoken during a debate on a news channel about Rajputa: ‘Angrezon Ka Ghulam.’
Mr. Aditya Vikram Sahi, State Secretary of this Organization, said, ‘this is insulting that Mr. Sajan told Rajputas were the slave of the English.’

It is not only insulting, but also spreading enmity and disintegrity among the unity of society, he alleged, which we cannot tolerate from any person, any social organization or any political parties. The statement of Sunil Sajan is not only stemming up resentment among the youth, but also is a show off downgrade thinking. It also proves that the historical Knowledge of spokesperson is idle. Despite the lack of Knowledge in history, such filthy and venomous thinking cannot be dubbed appropriate to discourse before the society.
He added that the spokesperson has not yet apologies even in spite of being protested through the different mediums of the society on this dirty statement, and nor Samajwadi party has yet taken any action against this spokes person who tried to create a nuisance of social harmony.

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