Shut down Madaras for children or see IS embolden boys in forthcoming 15 years: Waseem Rizvi to PM

Shiate Waqf Board Uttar Pradesh, chairman, Waseem Rizvi, has written a letter to the PM, Modi, appealing the closure of primary Madarsas in the country. He has claimed that the concept of Terrorist Organisation Islamic State is being spurred in these Madrsas.
According to media, Mr Waseem Rizvi, has written in this letter, “It is worldwide spread that to carry out an operation, the children are targeted, the Islamic State is also creeping slowly its grip among the Muslim populated areas worldwide presently. In such condition, if these Madrsas are not shut down early, more than 50% Muslims shall be the supporters of the concept of this terrorist organization in the forthcoming 15 years."
Kashmir is IS prone state today; numbers of IS embolden supporters can be seen here, he added. The IS, having provided the economic assistance to the Madrsas here, is forcing the children on the path of radicalism. The children who study in the Madrsas are being unsympathetic in the reference of other religions. The primary Madarsas in the rural areas of the country are also being run in the same pattern.
 Rizvi beg to the PM that the Muslim children must be taught up to high school in the common schools. Mere ahead of it, they should be given the chance to opt the study in Madrsas. This shall create an amiable atmosphere for them mutually with the children of other communities and religions.
Anyway, this is not the first occasion when Waseem Rizvi, from the Shiite community, has said any other statement from the recognitions of his own religion; he had supported the construction of Ram Mandir in Ayodhya. According to him, there was no mosque at the disputed spot of Ayodhya. Moreover he had said the people who protest against the construction of Ram Madir in Ayodhya should go to Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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