They are the incompatible, filthy and opportunists alliance: BJP

Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
The UP BJP spokesperson, Hero Bajpai targeted the former chief minister and SP chief, Mr Akhilesh Yadav, and has quipped why is being he so jitter?
He added that the BSP chief Mayawati’s preach to Akhilesh, ‘don’t be distress’, shows that the alliance of corrupts is the grand alliance of fear, which is a meaningless concept to the public interest.
The Parliament is being paused in which way including where congress is trying its hands – all they are on bail under the allegation of economic offence in National Herald case.
The spokesperson has said that if SP chief is clean, why is he being fearful with the investigation?
Mr Bajpai said that the BSP and the SP both are accusing BJP in which way for misusing the CBI, tell us duo that when they had been the supporting puppets of then congress government in centre for the past 10 years tenure, whether it was a  pressure of CBI? or this support had been given by ignoring public interests on account of an incompatible, filthy opportunist.
This opportunist, corrupt and filthy alliance has been tied only to remove the developing angel our Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. A huge wealth accumulated having committed corruption by the corrupt parties’ leaders on the path of dynasty. The principle of affirmative consciousness in the politics by Modi ji has grown a fear among them.  In spite of being maligned of her modesty in the guest house, the Aunt has allied with the nephew.
He said that Akhilesh Yadav and Mayawati Ji both are appeasing each other and the congress is supporting duo.
He added that actually, SP-BSP and Congress trio are saving each other on the issue of corruption.
The same old alliance has emerged in a new shape. He said that the BJP government is working with the determination of clean mindset and perfect development.

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