Corrupts are in trouble now: PM Modi

Addressing a rally in Kurukshetra Haryana on Tuesday this week, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has asserted that the corrupt persons of country are in trouble. He recounted the works of Union Government under his leadership. He added, “The BJP government has done the work at large scale for the better health services in the country. The 21 AIIMS under this policy are being established in the different part of the country.”
He added, “The wellness centre have been launched to maintain the better health services at the rural level with the extending the network of hospitals. The peasants are being treated free of cost.”
The PM, citing about the Prime Minister Avas Yojna, has said that the women have got the benefits of their own homes buying by this scheme.  He also talked together about the offence against the women. His government has made the provision of death sentence to the criminals’ committer of such censured offence.
He inaugurated health related five new projects in the state. The projects have been comprised of a National Cancer Institute in Jhajjar district, an Ayush University in Kurukshetra, a Medical University in Karnal, an Ayurveda Institute in Panchkula, an ESIC Medical College in  Faridabad. The Cancer Institute in Bahadur Garh Jhajjar shall have the expenditure of Rs 2035 crore. This establishment shall provide the benefits to the people of adjoining states including Delhi.

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