Mayawati asked media and BJP not to distort SC comment

Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
The BSP president, Myawati, has said to the media and the BJP that they desist from hit-or-miss allegations over the observation of Apex Court. The statement came in a tweet. She has added in this tweet, “A strong side shall be put before the hon’ble court in future. We rely on that the Apex Court shall deliver the justice in our favour in this case. It is better the BJP and the media not to distort and propagandise this matter.”
That the park, monuments and splendid place built in respect of great-saints, teachers and great-persons whose births took in the scorned and deprived Backwards and Dalits communities since centuries are a dignity, identity and a busy tourist place of UP -- the place which attracts people and have the government earned income regularly.
CJI Ranjan Gogoi, this week on Friday commenting over these monuments of UP, said that it was a misuse of public fund. He added that she should return the spent money for the idols or statues erected in Lucknow and Noida parks. Next date for hearing this case is 2 April.
The Mayawati regime in Uttar Pradesh was during 2007-12. She had during her tenure built monuments and parks in Noida and Lucknow. The elephants, electoral symbol of BSP; party founder Kansi Ram's  and Mayawati's statues had been erected here. The fund released for these works is about Rs 2600 crore.

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