Politicization of army attack on terrorist bases in Pakistan causes big concern among opposition parties -- and strong confidence, in BJP

Congress including 21 opposition parties of India appreciated the action taken to foil the attack by Pakistani army after the Indian Air Force destroyed the terror camps in Balakot Pakistan. Together these parties said that they all are with the armed forces and army. The opposition parties alleged that the BJP leaders after Pulwama attack politicized the martyrdom of security personnel which is an issue of concern.
The parties have held a meeting on Wednesday. The congress president, Rahul Gandhi, read a joint statement of opposition parties which condemned strongly the organized terror by Pakistan. The joint statement says, “All the leaders sit in the meeting condemned strongly the terror attack in Pulwama organized by Pakistan in single voice. They paid tribute to the martyrs and vowed their unity with the army and the armed forces in the final battle against the terrorism.”
The opposition party leaders have said about the alleged political advantages eliciting from the Pulwama attack, “The place of national security is higher than selfishness of political parties. There is no place to fulfill the political aims in the matter of national security.” The parties have alleged, "We express our regret over the disappointing attitude of PM not to call all party meeting after Pulwama attack.”
On the other hand, the senior BJP leader, BS Yeddyruppa, has said the Indian air strike over the terror camp in Balakot, Pakistan shall give the electoral advantage to his party. According to Yeddyruppa, this non-military action of Indian Air Force shall help to win 22 of the 28 seats in the forth coming parliamentary election in Karnataka.
The BJP leader said on Wednesday, “The election stirring is turning into the BJP favour every day. The action taken against the terrorists’ bases by going in Pakistan territory has evoked a wave in Narendra Modi favour in the country. The result can be seen in the parliamentary election. The Youth are in excitement. This will support us to win 22 parliamentary seats in the election.”

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