Priyanka Gandhi's entry with magnificent seven

Kshitiz Kant;Lucknow
Priyanka Gandhi, newly elected general secretary of Indian National Congress and the sister of Congress president, is naturally counted the most powerful leader of the party today after Rahul Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi, Mother of Rahul-Priyanka, has lessened involvement in her political activities nowadays. It is better not her talk here, but who is most powerful in the party cadre after Rahul and Priyanka?

The different men can claim in different way the reply of this question, but Priyanka also gave a signal on Monday. The day, Monday, is not only her appearance in Lucknow as the chief of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, but also on this day she signed in her tweeter account. Tweeter’s followers reached beyond 1 lacs within a few hours on first day.
But whom Priyanka is following on tweeter, they are just seven magnificent. one of this is an official tweeter handle of congress party and remaining are 6 congress leaders. one of them is  naturally Rahul Gandhi her elder brother, besides it she is following just five more Congress leaders. On this ground it can be said that 5 more leaders in congress are most powerful. Who are these 5 leaders and the reason is why they should be counted most powerful in the congress party?
Ahmad Patel is the treasurer of congress party, but his dignity is not mere by his treasurer post. When Manmohan Singh’s government was in power at centre and Sonia Gandhi was the president of party during this tenure, Ahmad Patel was the political mentor to Sonia and confidant to her. after the emergence of Narendra Modi and Amit Shah and in spite of coming from the same home state of both and all their efforts to could do nothing to defeat Patel in Rajya Sabha election shows Ahmad Patel’s hold in the Cong party. Moreover, Ahmad Patel plays important role to collect the resources and to manage various issues for the party. Several works related to the management level, Ahmad Patel did in the last round of Rajasthan Assembly election. The reason is clear why he is powerful still in the party after in spite of being active of Priyaka Gandhi and changing of party president.

Ashok Gehlot is the CM of Rajasthan. His role was as an organisation general secretary in the congress exactly before taking the oath of CM post. Inside the party it was the talk about Ashok Gehlot before being taken the oath of CM post that what the role Ahmad Patel was performing with Sonia Gandhi; the same is being done by Ashok Gehlot with Rahul Gandhi. Whether it had been the Assembly Election of Gujarat or the issue, to cease the BJP to form its government in Karnatka; on both fronts Ashok Gehlot played an active role. The congress is hoping an affirmative result in the parliamentary election 2019 in Rajasthan. It is in talk that Rahul seeing the forth coming Parliamentary election, has given the charge of Rajasthan to Ashok Gehlot. Even it is in talk that Ashok Gehlot, after going to Jaipur, is in regular contact with the Rahul Gandhi. The Rahul’s reliance over him has made him a powerful leader in the congress.
Jyotiraditya Scindia was in the run of the CM post in Madhya Pradesh, but the bet fell in hand of Kamal Nath eventually. the congress has activated Priyanka Gandhi as a trump card to the eastern UP,  the western UP’s command shall be handled by Jyotiraditya Scindia. Rahul Gandhi and Congress party are appeared to be giving the identical importance to Jyotiraditya and Priyanka both in UP. Both leaders office in New Delhi are in the same room. Rahul Gandhi’s political planning has had UP an important role; so Rahul Gandhi has deployed Jyotiraditya Scindia here with Priyanka. Rahul’s trust over him is the reason why Scindia, in spite of lagging in the run of CM post, is the powerful leader in the congress.
Randeep Singh Surjewala is the communication in charge in congress party. He is official spokesperson in the party. Recently, though he has lost his election from Jind in Haryana, but he is still powerful in the party. Randeep Singh Surjewala decides how spokesperson of the party shall put their views on important issues, Surjewala decides this responsibility. It is said that he is close to both Rahul and Priyanka. Duo leaders' likes are with Surjewala.
Sachin Pilot is understood that just as he had handled the work as the state president in Rajasthan, he could have been made the CM of the state; the short of majority and the coming Parliamentary election 2019, he had to satisfy with the deputy CM post. However his importance is still maintained in the eyes of Rahul and Priyanka. In case we peep among party leaders’ talk, Rahul thinks that the party’s future plans in Rajasthan shall stay around Sachin Pilot

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