What next! Indian fighter jets crossed LOC

claimed destroyed terrorists training camps running in PoK

A boom sounded in a predawn attack. It felt of an earthquake. We did not slept since then, 5 minutes later; we came to recognise it was an explosion.
Mohd Adil, resident of Balakot, Khaiber Pakhtunwala province told to BBC about the Indian fighter jets attack. he told he saw in morning many big potholes at the attack targeted spot there. Many buildings have gone into the damages although the Pakistani security has taken the area in their control.
That the training camps which were being carried out in Pakistani territory have been fully destroyed in the Indian fighter jets heavy bombing on Tuesday in a predawn attack. The attack is believed to be the answer of action of Pulwama terror attack of Jammu and Kashmir.
India, confirming these attacks, told it important. The foreign secretary, Vijey Gokhle, said that the responsibility taker of Pulwama attack, Jaish-e-Mohammad, the terrorist organization, was planning more fidayeen attacks, so the action was taken against him.
The flurry of India’s action is also in Pakistan. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Quraishi has said, "India has violated the Line of Control. Pakistan has the right to give proper answers for self defense." He has told it an action of provoking.
The discussion over the incident is also going on in Pakistan social media. Some people have questioned their government and the army. Fahad Javed tweeted, "They (Indian aircraft) entered our airspace and our army did not shell at them. Now you are only firing on Twitter.”
A Pakistani journalist, Ahmad Nurani, has tweeted, “I condemned the Indian attack over Pakistan last night. I am against the war, but I rely over the Pakistani army that it will retaliate with its full strength today against India’s action. Now it is the question of Pakistan and Pakistani stature."
On the other hand, A few Pakistani have quipped over this matter. A user named with Khurram KTS, tweeted, “the first information about the air attack came through the Indian agricultural minister. Find it lest he had thrown tomatoes!”

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