Dearest Parrikar is no more

Simon Michel; Goa 
The Chief Minister, Manohar Parikar, is downed by his health and the BJP hierarchy now began to think about the political change in Goa on Sunday. The BJP said in order to the situation, and over the deteriorating condition of Parrikar by his illness, that the government in Goa is stable. It appealed to the supporters not to notice the rumors.
The state media co-ordinator of BJP, Sandhya Sadhle, issued a statement and said, "Our leadership in Goa... and in Delhi... are powerful; is stable and we have began to think political reshuffling in Goa.” She added, “We will deal with the situation prevailed successfully. Do not notice any rumors spreading through Social Media.”
Vijey Sardesai, Goa Minister, had met with the CM Parrikar at his Dona residence. Sardesai had said that Parrikar’s health was deteriorating, but his condition was stable. However Sardesai, in the wake of  Parrikar’s downing by health, had absolutely denied any political change. A BJP leader(Name is not disclosed here) told, “ The BJP MLAs have been instructed not to leave the state in any condition.”
Congress claimed to form government in Goa on Saturday. The party said that Manohar Parrikar’s government has lost its majority in Goa Assembly after the death of Francis Desuza, MLA.
Now CM, Manohar Parrikar, is no more. He had been suffering from Pancreas cancer. The statement issued and informed from CM office exactly one hour before of his death message that Parrikar’s health had deteriorated. 
In a tweet from CM office told, “Manohar Parrikar’s condition has worsen. Doctor are trying to recover him.” Parrikar was in hospital since Saturday.
The majority of politics in Goa for the past some time centered on Manohar Parrikar's health. Frequently it was heard that he could resign. However the BJP had dismissed these reports in the same way and had said that there was no question to reshuffle the leadership.
The Goa government had said before the Bombay High Court that Manohar Parrikar was fit to work for the state in spite of being suffered by Cancer. The Advocate General, Dutta Prasad Lavande cited the case of APPLE Company’s co-founder, Steve Jobs. He contended that Steve Jobs was suffering from Pancreas cancer and he had performed many bigger achievements in spite of being suffered by Cancer.
An independent MLA who is supporting the BJP brought out some peculiar story. The MLA told that Manohar Parrikar wanted to resign from the CM post for his ill-health condition, but the BJP’s hierarchy was not agreed upon his wish.
The BJP’s top leadership was in  doubt that if Parrikar left the Goa leadership, there might be difficulties in carrying government ahead.
In the Assembly election 2016, 17 seat secured by the Congress; 13, the BJP; 3, for Goa Forward Party; and 3, for Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party.The BJP including the GFP, the MGP and the some independent MLAs -- they all formed the government in the leadership of Manohar Parrikar.
The government was formed on the condition of provided that the CM of Goa would be Manohar Parrikar. Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister, had accepted it that he, on condition of Manohar Parrikar to be the Goa CM, could clinch the MLAs support in the BJP favour. Manohar Parrikar was got from the Union Defence Minister post resigned, and then he was sent to Goa.
PM Modi had brought him in his cabinet after Parrikar’s resigning from the CM post in Goa in the year 2014. No one was then his option in Goa actually, which could be accepted tacitly. Mr Sripad Nyke to be Goa CM was a difficulty among the supporting MLAs. That there was another problem for Sripad Nyke was that he was to be elected within 6 months after resigning any BJP MLA. The 13 MLAs of BJP was not interested to take such risk before parliamentary election
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