If Modi becomes next PM, there shall be ruling like Russia and China in India: Ashok Gehlot

BHS Rathod; Jaipur
Ashok Gehlot, CM Rajasthan and senior congress leader, targeted PM Modi and said, “The democracy and constitution of India is under risk during his regime in the country.”
Together even he has said that if Narendra Modi becomes PM in second term, it is most probable that there to be prevailed the situation like Russia and China. According to Mr Gehlot, “One man is ruling in which way since long in each country -- there may be Narendra Modi's rule forever in India: it may be possible that there will be no election in India again.”
The Rajasthan’s CM said the statement in an interview on Tuesday this week. Even together he said that Narendra Modi may do anything to reach in power again.”
According to him, “the people seem today that he can throw Bharat and Pakistan even into a war for winning the election. Such image of country's Prime Minister is not correct. I think Modi Ji should play politics based on issues only; not should be on nationalism base. He said in a querying accent, “Are we not nationalists?”
Ashok Gehlot added, “ Narendra Modi won the full mandate of last Parliamentary election after former PM Rajeev Gandhi. He should have understood that the country’s people had assigned him an important responsibility, but he has lost the chance he had got.”
he has said that there is two person’s ruling in the country; one Narendra Modi, another Amit Shah.
Amit Shah had said earlier that the BJP would keep on rule in country next 50 years. Congress reckons it a concept of Facism.
Taunting over Narendra Modi Gehlot even told him ‘master in marketing.’
He said, “If he had been in Bollywood; he, with his reflections and shows, could have impressed the country and the world very much.”

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