Priyanka Gandhi addressed her maiden political speech; targeted Modi government for employment

P Gautam; Gandhinagar
Congress National General Secretary, Priyanka Gandhi, has addressed a rally in Gandhi Nagar Gujarat Tuesday. It was her maiden speech in public after in active politics. She preached the voters about their vote’s value on one hand in Gandhi Nagar Gujarat; she targeted even Narendra Modi on the other.
 She said, “Whatever is going on in the country hurts me seeing this. The hatred is being spread today. The institutions are in trouble. The talents are being placated, but mere public of the country can bring the change now.”
She added the people shall have to be aware in the upcoming days. I think that your awareness and votes is a big weapon, the weapon which cannot hurt to anybody; but make you strong. In the upcoming days the election is to be held. Many issues like employment, women security, and farming are to be posed in this condition. You will have to remember that what the important issues are for the Country. Together even you have to check that who will fulfill your issue."
Even the Congress General Secretary, targeting over the Narendra Modi led Government said, "They who had promised to deposit Rupees 15 Lakhs in each bank accounts of Public after bringing back the stashed black money in abroad during the election 2014, who had told the priority of women security and had even promised to generate 2 crore jobs every year, the false promise man shall pose even same issues."

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