Congress on move with chariot of NYAY; assures Rs 72000 every year for poor

Arpan; despatch from Agra
In support to Mr Rajbabar who is the Lok Sabha candidate of Congress from here, Mr Rahul Gandhi, INC president, Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, chief of Eastern UP and National General Secretary and Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, Chief of Western UP – all have addressed a rally in Fatehpur Sikari constituency on Monday afternoon this week .
All the leaders have appealed to the people to cast their votes in Mr Rajbabar’s favour so that he shall be the voice of people of the constituency and the state. Mr Babar is the INC state president of UP.
Chariots of NYAY with the slogan like ‘Garibi Pe War; 72 Hajaar’(for poverty alleviation – Rs 72000!) have been flagged off. There were shouting slogans Rs 72000 for poor families.
Mr Rahul Gandhi asked in his address to the people here, “ If for the 30 seconds on TV ads everybody have to pay a huge sum (in lac of Rupees), from where are so much money inflowing to the BJP for TV and news papers that the PM’s publicity campaign is going on  constantly .”
Even he has said that the 5 crore poor families shall be benefited by our government’s paying, when it come in power, sum of Rs 72 thousand every year.
He has assured that his government shall not impose any gate money from the middle class for this purpose, but the money shall be siphoned off from Mehul Choksi and Anil Ambani’s pockets to fill the pocket of poor.
The watchmen serve their duties in front of rich men like Ambani's; not be for protecting the poor's house.
Modi Ji desires to make two types of India – one for the poor and other for Nirav Modi and Vijay Malya.
He said there is the BJP government in the state, but it did nothing for the potatoes farmers and nor it kept its promise to waive the loans of farmers. He has assured that his government shall increase the minimum supporting price every year.
He told the congress governments in Chhatisgarh, Rajathan and In Madhya Pradesh are erecting a food processing Units, which shall establish chips factories where the potatoes are grown in large scale; the ketchup factories where the production of tomatoes are high.
The farmers shall be able to sell their produce to the factories, there shall be no middlemen.
He reminds meanwhile that 3 main promises of ruling government which had 2 crore of employments every years to the unemployed youth, the loan waiving of farmers and 15 lac Rupees to every accounts; but  the public know to what has happened ?”
Mrs Priyanka Gandhi Vadra said the BJP leaders tell themselves nationalist. If it so, they should respect every martyrs of the country; if they are nationalist, they should not be talking about the Pakistan during the election campaign, but to talk about the India, the problem of India!
She added the BJP should talk about the youth, the farmers, and the security personnel of India and to tell them to what it is going to do for. What are its plans for the farmers?
The BJP should tell the women what it is going to do for them.
She said, “It seems that this government has neither pride over the democracy, or over our public, nor our institutions.”
If they are nationalist, they must respect the sovereignty of all the institutions which provide them the rule. If they be the real nationalist, they must follow the path of truth.
Since the country has been founded on truth and those who are deviated from the path, the country never forgives them.
She said the students, the farmers and the teachers whenever they demanded their rights, they were brutally beaten up. They were tormented in fake cases and they were told anti-national. The inquirers men have always been tagged anti-national by this government.
Priyanka Gandhi said if the government can give crore of Rupees to the industrialists, why cannot we pay rupee 72 thousand to the poor?
Addressing the public meeting Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia said, “The time is to make a change. The occasion is to show the truth unearthing the mask. he said Mr Rajbabar is the man of your soil; the man of your region; the candidate of this public.
The time of 60 months which they had asked in lieu of 60 years has passed now, but they were never seen here during the five years tenure, but now they are here to beg the votes after visiting 84 countries.”
He added farmers are aggrieved. they had assured that the input cost price shall be halved and supporting price shall be doubled, but it be so never happened in spite of these the input price doubled and the agricultural produce price became doubled. The farmers could not be given the potatoes price Rs 600 per quintal.
he said Mr PM Ji went to Pakistan to eat Biryani and swung hammock to Chinese President, but he had never fixed time  to meet with the farmers.
He said that Modi Ji had assured, “he would create chance amply, but he carried betels and Pakode government."
Mr Rajbabar said, “The participants were stopped to reach in the rally; the buses were released after several request, but the time is not far when the roads shall be opened for the farmers, the students and the unemployed.”

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