Cry for his silence -- or lesson to democracy

The senior leader of BJP Mr Lal Krisn Advani eventually has broken his silence after a long term of his politics. He has conveyed publicly his views on any issue through his blog. It is his first public reaction which came after the decision of Amit Shah’s ticket from Gandhi Nagar replacing Lal Krishn Advani.
Lal Krishna Advani has written on his blog that he did not think anybody an enemy or traitor, who had differed with his political views. The BJP’s top leadership may feel maze by Adwani’s blog exactly before the election because PM, Narendra Modi and the BJP president Amit Shah are constantly attacking opposition accusing them pro-Pakistan in their election campaign.
A two days before of BJP’s foundation Day on April 6, Lal Krishn Advani’s blog, telling the parties foundation day’s important event, discussed the policies and the principal of party.
 The blog published on Thursday says: heading --Nation First, Party Next, Self Last
Advani, talking about right of expressions, has written, “Diversity and the freedom of speech both are the beauty of democracy and the BJP has never felt enemy those who are disagreed with its concept.’
Advani has talked over the nationalism. he writes, “ we have never said our political rivals traitor.”
Everybody must have the rights of freedom to speak and to select their views respectively politically and personally.

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