Fixation of Minimum Income to 5 crore poor, Congress goes to poll with its manifesto

Minimum Income Scheme and the issues related to the farmers have been taken on priority in the Congress manifesto for the upcoming parliamentary election. The Indian National Congress has released its manifesto on Tuesday.
According to information, Congress has asserted on its stand for the 5 crore poor families’ income at least Rs 72000 per annum in the country under NYAY. Mere two rates of GST shall be imposed and also promised to fill up 22 lakh posts vacant in many departments.
Even the party ensures that it will implement new development agenda in J&K and it shall maintain an intact autonomous functioning of central intelligence and investigative agencies.
The congress has promised in its manifesto a special provision for the farmers’ help. The Kisan Budget is to be included in the Union Budget. The farmers who cannot pay their debts shall not be enforced for its recovery. Such matter shall not be termed an offence.
The party has said speaking it a ‘Jan Awaj’ (Common Voice) that there has been included every social communities' needs; like, youth, Dalit Adivasi, Minority.
If the party comes in power, it shall set up an inquiry in Rafale deal done during Modi tenure; will dissolve the NITI Aayog and again reconstitute Yojna Aayog.

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