Rahul Gandhi is seeking secure Parliamentary seat: Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey

Mr Mahendra Nath Pandey, state BJP President, has said that the congress president is searching a secure seat to pave the way of going up to the parliament and quipped: "how shall he provide security to the country and to his party?"
He added that Rahul Gandhi has downed his confidence from the activeness of Smriti Irani ji – seeing his imminent defeat Rahul Gandhi is seeking the safe way!
 it is noticeable that Mrs irani is an Iron lady who was going on fast unto death demanding resignation of then Gujarat chief minister and now the prime minister, Narendra Modi.
Irani had blamed Modi for BJP’s then electoral reverses. Modi had been widely criticized for his handling of the 2002 communal violence in Gujarat.
Irani had said: "Why do you think you need permission to do what you think is right. BJP is a democratic party?" 

Dr Pandey said further that Mayawati JI is not a lover of Dalit and poor, but she loves wealth and Modi Ji respects poor whose services are being done by foot wash by Modi Ji.
Recently PM Modi had washed the foot of some down community men and women.
The BJP state president and MP from Chandauli parliamentary constituency, Dr Mahendra Nath Pandey said, “I have done bottomless work for the development, but the development is an unending start. To make Chandauli one of five developed zone is now our aim of life.”
He is again the BJP parliamentary candidate from here in the upcoming election. He paid his gratitude to PM Modi and Amit Shah, and said that the opposition is trying to defeat Modi Ji, but the people of Kashi are going to make Modi ji win this upcoming election with a huge margin.             
Dr Pandey talking to media person said, “What would Rahul Gandhi lead country, whose confidence has lost in his paternal constituency after the activeness of Smriti Irani.”
Mayawati Ji has lost the Dalit votes and her political base has slipped because the public are the witness of taken hush money on their vote bank and are seeing the selling of Tickets. Every party has lost their sanguine before the dazzling of Modi Ji.

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