Where are his and the BJP’s Vikas Modal? Sharad Pawar

Nationalist Congress Party chief, Sharad Pawar has said that the opposition parties and the people of country have right to ask PM Modi where are his and the BJP’s Vikas Modal. Pawar was addressing in a rally during the election campaign for the NCP candidate from Thane on Friday. he said, “you all and I have right to ask about his ‘Vikas Modal’ from PM.”
Powar said that Modi won the power in Lok Sabha election by promising the development like ‘Gujarat modal’ in the country, but he didn’t speak a bit about the difficulties of Adivasis, Dalit, labourers, small businessmen and unemployment. NCP chief alleged that PM is appealing votes on the name of security forces in the country.
Mr Sharad Pawar told that the leaders like C Naidu, TDP; Mamta Benerjee, TMC; Mayawati, BSP – all have capacity and the deserving candidate for the PM post. Even He also has said that the discussion over the PM post is going on for the congress president Rahul Gandhi is meaningless. Pawar said that after the election result, the non-NDA  and the leader of friendly faces is the strong deserving candidate of the PM post.

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