BJP again in power; major breakthrough in Congress's led stronghold

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Till his death, Pt Nehru’s win in parliamentary election had been maintained since his first election victory post independence securing 364 seats of the 489 equivalent to ¾ majorities in house.
Later his daughter Indira Gandhi got same mandate. She led congress which won 283 seats in 1967; and in 1971, she won mandate as her father had secured during his tenure. He had won 352 seats of the 518 after the partition of  Pakistan.
In 1980, Indira Gandhi won the same majority in the election after the split in Janta Party; after her murder, the son Rajeev had won 404 of the 514 in election, who was the biggest achiever of mandate in 1984.
In 1984 period, no one of the country knew Rajeev as a political leader and Rajeev was so well not familiar of politics; he was known as a former pilot in Indian Airlines and was mere option of Late Sanjey Gandhi. It is clear that the grand slam victory of this election was because of murder sentiment of Mrs Gandhi among the country people. Yet it is also said if she was alive, she was not able to achieve such mandate.
Since then there were held seven time election up to 2009 in the country, but the BJP and the Congress none of them were able to gain clear mandate in parliament.
It means that Narendra Modi after winning 282 seats for his party in 2014 was the mere leader who had achieved the full majority after late Pt Nehru and late Mrs Indira Gandhi, but in 2019, his winning the mandate for the BJP can be assumed biggest than ever. He has been the winner of these seats just on his name only and is the winner all around the country. The BJP has increased its vote’s percentage.
The BJP sweeps parliamentary election held in 7 phase; emerges single largest party in the country.
It is noticeable the campaign strategy of BJP has worked somewhere like better than the main opposition party. The congress could not go to that level of campaign.
Even the congress kept itself fail to  scruinty the BJP's drawbacks what it had done in the tenure.
Even Mrs Indira Gandhi was not so lucky like her father, Pt Nehru, and PM Narendra Modi, who would have won the two consecutive elections with full majority. Mrs Gandhi became the Prime Minister after the death of PM Lal Bahadur Shastri in 1966 and after winning the election in 1971 she imposed the emergency to hold the power and 1977 she lost her election. She regains the power in 1980 and was killed by her securitymen in 1984.
 It is important here to point out that the BJP’s condition had worsened before being of Narendra Modi Prime Minister. While Pt Nehru was the leader of that party which was the origin of India’s independence and was seldom to think about the India without the Congress.
 Although the winning cause of BJP in last tenure goes to the UPA government. The lack of decision, chaos and corruption that had prevailed during the end of UPA ‘s tenure -- if it did not be so, Modi was not able to come in power with the full majority; but it is in the nature of politics: that the toiling of his own and, mistake and foolness of others, works in self-favour to gain. Modi was master to take this advantage, which make him hero.
However his so big win may stand as big challenges and it is then more challengable if NDA is going garner majority in Rajya Sabha as well as he is the leader of party solely.
The situation now does not allow him pretence of evading from doing the needful and to the unnecessary doing. Now he cannot say that the work in the pressure of alliance and the internal bickering fail him doing so.
The situation presents him many chances. If Narendra Modi be a little more democratic and a little less narrow, he can lessen many flaws of Indian politics if not eradicate. The incompatible alliance to prevent the communalism and showing a fear among minority community of his name and the BJP—both are included in this thinking.
If Narendra Modi overcomes from the thinking of integrated by part India , he may be greatman; otherwise he has been a very big hero now.

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