District administration failed to handle situation sparked into gang war

The incident of a gangwar has been reported from the district Rae Bareli, 100 kilometer away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh this evening by killing a man of rival group, named Shiva Singh.
According to the source, the retaliatory action sparked when the Congress MLA from Rae Bareli Sadar, Miss Aditi Singh’s convoy, was targeted and in this attack, she narrowly escaped while many vehicles overturned, which injured the boarded activists on it.
 The final phase of parliamentary election has completed and the sporadic incident of violence during the polling was reported in the district. The BJP has fielded its candidate, Dinesh Pratap Singh, here against Sonia Gandhi, former UPA chairperson. The influence of the BJP led state government simmers a confidence among the party workers of silent support of district officers. it also whispers among the people it a clandestine activity to influence the election result, According to source.
It is to notice, Miss Aditi Singh, MLA sadar Rae Bareli, was heading from Lucknow to  Rae Bareli  with her convoy of vehicles and the few boarded members of Panchayat to attend a floor test of no-confidence motion against Avdesh Singh, chairman of District Panchayat  on Tuesday morning. 
The Rae Bareli Zila Panchayat Chief Awadhesh Singh is the brother of BJP candidate from the constituency, Dinesh Singh,
A few henchmen of Avdesh Singh were waylaid in front of Mahaveer Institute, near toll plaza between Lucknow-Rae Bareli roads.
The goons attacked over her convoy by stone pelting and other endangering weapons. They used many round of gun firings, according to report.
The vehicles lost its control swerving gone it overturned, which injured the board members and the Congress workers.
Aditi Singh also sat on a dharna at the Shaheed Chowk in Rae Bareli, along with former cabinet minister Manoj Kumar Pandey and other senior leaders, to protest against the district administration and police.
The district administration deaf the protest against the attack and the floor test, which allegedly struck resentment among the Panchayat members. 

Another man, Shiva Singh, close aide of Dinesh Singh, has been killed near Harchandpur, the same place where Aditi Singh’s convoy was attacked this morning.
Mr Ajay Kumar, congress MLA, alleged that the Yogi Government backed Avdhesh Singh tacitly to commit this attack.
He added, “The government sheltering to the criminals is exposed here that the government backed criminals can attack on MLA in the vee hours.”
 He said, ‘ loots,  the murders and the attacks on the workers and the leaders of opposition parties—all are a tactics of state government to maintain a mental pressure.” 

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