Reuters journalists arrested for reporting of Rohingyas massacre released eventually

Myanmar has released two Reuters journalists who had been arrested for the reporting on Rohingya’s massacre. According to New York Times, The international news agency has released the pics of both the journalists. Yu Wa Lon (33) and Yu Kyav Soi U(29) had been arrested in December 2017. both the journalists, violating the law of Myanmar Official Secret Act, were accused of collecting 10 Rohingiya peasants’ murder related papers  from a police officer.
The court's rejection to the final appeal of their release had given a big shock to the duo journalists in April this year exactly before. The counsel had said that his releasing would be possible if the president of Myanmar stepping up in this connection. After the pardon of president both the Reuters journalists were released then. 
 It is noticeable that on the arrest of these journalists, Ang San Su Ki, leader of Myanmar, was constantly facing the criticism of international journalist community. the numbers of human rights activists, international journalists and the leaders were asking to release of these journalists. Both the journalists were felicitated during the jail period with the Pulitzer prize for their reporting.  Changes have been seen in the views of Western countries for Su Ki on the tolerance and democracy.

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