Veiled BJP supporters among public, shout -- Modi-Modi!


It is not first incident when the congress general secretary mere faced such absurd attempt of pro-BJP men.
On many occasions I have also seen when our team was covering local addressing of Congress during parliamentary election campaign, a few scattered men, not women, were suddenly shouting pro-Modi slogan among the gathering for congress.
Such activities have not been done in the local addressing of other parties. The reasons are unclear why? But it is an alert for Congress that Modi's supporter spy in some way might have intercepted among the party workers and breached the party's top secret.
No doubt PM Modi is so popular, but  the shouting slogans for Modi among Congress public meeting can not be ratified that it is a spontaneous people's faith for Modi; but it can be a propaganda to create despair.
Mrs Priyanka Gandhi felt uneasy when she had to face Modi-Modi slogans during their road show in Indore Madhya Pradesh on Monday this week. Priyanka cleverly had handled this incidental situation and got down from her vehicle; Modi reached the supporters; she said thanks "All the Best, Shake Hands with them".
When Priyanka’s convoy was passing from overcrowded area of the city, the pro-Modi men began shouting slogan ‘Modi-Modi’-- they were the youth. Priyanka got down from her Tata Safari seeing shouting slogans and reached to the youths. She shook hands with them and said, “ you do yours, I do mine – all the best”.
The PM supporters stunned for a while; then they got easy and even one of them captured the pics of Priyanka.

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