BNA organises 5 days stage play festival in Lucknow

Second day story review



The play ‘Fiddler On The Roof’ is originally written by the famous playwright Josheph Stein.
Fiddler on the Roof is a 1971 American musical comedy-drama film produced and directed by Norman Jewison.
 The Hindi play ‘Khamoshi Sili Sili’ is the idea which is an emergence of stein’s play. The director of this play, Prof Shuresh Sharma, had intention the play with its professionalism should have been its presentation base on contemporary issues.
Professor Sharma has been aware of the problems among the society and communities of aggrieved whether from North-East states, or of Rohingya Muslims or of Kashmiri Pandit in Kashmir -- all which spirited him to develop a story on these issues taking the format help of story 'Fiddler on the roof'.

Prof Sharma has offered this play into public domain posing the issues of Kashmiri Pandit last three decades, which was staged on second day of festival its start at Kamani Auditorium in Bhartendu Natya Academy Lucknow Monday this week. The NSD repertory company is organizing these 5 days under summer theater festival 2019 here.

The play production is musical and deals with the displacement issues of communities. The story has been based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits from Kashmir.

Why they escaped from their native land, the story is a glimpse of whole situation brought here on stage by a family who lives at Nandigram faced much of fear.
The community of Nandigram manages their daily expenses by doing various kinds of tasks for a living.
Kashmiri Pandit Pritivi and Didda his wife belong to one such middle class family, with five daughters.
  Prithivi Nath does work for Nanbai and her wife Didda sells sheep and livestock. The villagers respect Prithivi, a soulful representative of his village.
This Pandit community of Kashmir believes to follow and keep faith in their traditions and rituals, but at the altar of time the community begins to compromise in the long lasting traditions.
Prithivi Nath fells into the same trend yet he loves his daughters the most.
Going against the traditional norms, he allows his daughter to marry men of their choices.
The character Didda, Bornali Borah, has performed her complimentary role with Prithivinath Jutsi, Shanavaz Khan.
No doubt the actions of characters, which have no retake, could be seen and were creating reality on the stage. The costumes designing and the stage arrangements also carry this story to its extent.

The third daughter of this family, Shuhul, goes to betroth a boy from Muslim community without the prior permission of her parent. The wedlock happens without any intimation to Shuhul’s parent.
 This story has been dedicated to the non-Muslims communities who were forced to leave the Kashmir at the time when there was a communal pressure on them.
The displacement in this story is a pity because this happens inspired of when a Democratic power was in rule, with Indian army and Indian rule and yet such mishaps occurred.

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