Kshitiz Kant; Lucknow
Bury the Dead is an expressionist and anti-war drama by the American playwright Irwin Shaw. It dramatizes the refusal of six dead soldiers during an unspecified war—who represent a cross-section of American society—to be buried.

Each rises from a mass nameless grave to express his anguish, the futility of war, and his refusal to become part of the "glorious past".
First the Captain and the Generals tell them it is their duty to be buried, but they refuse.

Even a Priest and a Rabbi try to convince them to no avail. Finally they bring in the women who have survived them, wives, sister and even mother. None succeed in the end.
Mr Surya Mohan Kulshresth, the former director of BNA, is well known personality in the field of playwright and the play ‘Bury the dead’ (Dafan Karo) which has been staged in Hindi at Bhartendu Natya Academy Lucknow on Tueseday this week.
No doubt the artists of this play performed the characters exactly like western excerpt, but the story runs around the present scenarios in the world whether it is a happening of Middle East or a cross border terrorism base killing of our army personnel.

The story touches the heart when it shows the hurt armdmen's pain by injuries they had sustained by bullets during the battle or clash in the war zone. It also gives a message to the society where it enjoys all the perquisites of life, the army men’s desires remain unfulfilled; for a while the dead army personnel recall all the event of their lives from childhood unto the end at the eleven hours.
 The whole world fights war for its political goal; for the purpose of securing the capitalist interests; or for the economic controlling power.
An aggression is being created among the society in the back of nationalism and religion terming the war, terror, and violence correct.
While it is to test how near is to the present scenario shall have to see in the theater, but the artists in the every scene staged well there was no fallacy during the performance.

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