Natioanlism is in BJP’sDNA

After the Parliamentary election 2019 up to 2047 shall be a change period of Indian History. ‘We have ferried the boat across from the risk; so have to keep secure this country our sons forever’ is a Hindi song ever I had heard in a black-white movie. Here we used figure ‘2047’ : it cannot be said mere bogus because the figure’s speculation has come from Ram Madhav, well-known personality of RSS and now the top political leader of BJP.
In Agartala, the National General Secretary of BJP, Ram Madhav, has said his party shall remain in power till centenary year of independence 2047. 
He was addressing a Vijay rally at Agartala on Friday. Even he said the BJP did not propagandized Army’s achievements in its favour for winning the parliamentary election.
He said, ‘we have been successful to control the communal unrest and corruption in the past 5 years of our tenure. We won for the structuring a strong Bharat and for the economic stability. Our party did not take the blessing of Army’s achievements to make our reach up to parliament.”
He added, “The BJP government shall take a long journey under the leadership of PM Narendra Modi when the country shall have been enjoying the independence centenary year. Nationalism is in BJP’s DNA.”
Now the prophecies of BJP top leaders is an explained truth and whoever dares to say it ‘bogus’ is like throwing a ball upward which cannot stay in the air long, except to fall nose down!
If we scrutinize the coincidence of post Ram Madhav statement, we find Modi's Maldive visit goes via Kerala. Kerala is a state where the BJP was not able to secure even single seat. The congress has got mandate in this state.
Where Rahul Gandhi, after his resignation from the party’s president post, is on 3 days visit to his constituency Wayanad, PM Modi has also reached there on Saturday to defuse easily BJP’s defeat in the Kerala.
Both leaders did not face each other, but their messages to the people were alike.
PM Modi tried his closeness added among the people of Kerala like Rahul Gandhi. He said, “Kerala is dearest to me as much as Varanasi.”
The Prime Minister, before the first foreign trip of his second term beginning, worshipped in Guruvayur temple at Kerala on Saturday.
In a welcome meeting organized there, he said, “a few ‘Pundit’ (political experts) may have thought that the BJP could not open its account in kerla,
Yet Modi is arriving here for wishing thanks to the people? Actually it is our thinking; is our culture.
PM said, “the election is a halt, but my come-go shall remain continue, and the important issue post election is that is responsibility of 130 crore people of the country. The people who ensured our win and who did not-- all are mine. Kerala is  as much dearest to me as of Varanasi is. ”
Narendra Modi has paved his way to parliament consecutive second term winning from Varanasi constituency.
Even here It is to noticeable that Rahul Gandhi is on 3 days of his Wayanad visit nowadays. He is hearing the grievances of people; of party workers and is collecting information of the local issues. 
He has assured the people of new constituency that Rahul Gandhi’s door for the people of Wayanad and of the state shall be open forever.
Rahul Gandhi from Wayanad in Kerala had filed his nomination first time for Loksabha election. It was his second seat. The first of his conventional seat was Amethi from UP where he had been constantly winner. It was to be left in case he could have secured the seats from both the constituency, but in big upheaval he could not secure this seat.
 Rahul Gandhi targeted PM Narendra Modi again in his maiden-speech after the parliamentary election this year. He said, “PM Modi took the help of venoms of hatred during his election campaign, but we are going to reply his hatred through the 'insistence of truth', with friendly love. We are fighting against the hatred on national level today.

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