One man is handling both; Union Home Ministry is working for BJP:TMC

Now power is the cause of violence in West Bengal 
Abhijit Chakraborty; Kolkata
The political stirring over the violence in West Bengal after Parliamentary election is continued.
The governor of West Bengal, Keshari Nath Tripathi, met with PM Narendra Modi and the Union Home Minister, Amit Shah
Although the meeting is being said a formal, he has assigned a report to Union Home Minister on current situation and political violence in the stat,While the state Chief minister, Mamta Benerjee, has alleged the BJP of hatching the conspiracy to spill the violence in the state and then dismiss her government.
She said that she would not let her government dismiss to anyone.
A clash between the TMC and the BJP party workers took place in Basirhat district North 24 pargana in west Bengal on Saturday last week. The BJP has claimed that the four of BJP workers were murdered during this clash. The BJP is mourning the black day on Monday in protest against this killing.
On Sunday the Union Home Ministry, issuing an advisory to the West Bengal Government, express its concern over the law and order situation.
This advisory says that the continuous violence for the past few days shows the failure of system to create a confidence among the people and to maintain the law and order in the state. The centre has asked the state to retain the normalcy and to maintain the law and order. together it says that the stringent action should be taken when the officers who do not performing their duty well.
The West Bengal Government has rejected the issued advisory of Union Home Ministry. The state government says that the situation is under control. It says that the prompt and appropriate action are being taken in the matter of violence.
The TMC has termed BJP responsible for the violence in the state. The party, targeting Amit Shah, has alleged that the Union Home Ministry is working for the BJP because both are being run by one man.

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