Continuing of political dialogue in J&K is need of hour: Dr Karn Singh on J&K

Dr Karn Singh, now the congress leader and son of former king of J&K, has reacted over the removal of most provisions of article 370 and the division of this state in two union territories.
He has said through a statement, “I am not against the decision has been taken by the government on article 370 although I shall accept that we all are dazed over the sudden decision taken.”
He added, “I welcome the status of a union teritory given to ladakh. As I was Sadr-e-riyasat, I had said about restructuring of state in 1965. The political powers shall be shared perfectly now in J&K after new delimitation."
Dr Karn Singh in this statement has told the continuing of political dialogue in J&K is the need of the hour. He has said that by sidelining of two regional political parties terming them anti-national is not a correct step. According to Dr Singh, “the workers of these parties have also sacrificed. More over all these on several occasions with the national parties have played vital role to form union and the state government. In such condition I appeal with the government to release these leaders earliest and maintain the political talk with them.” He added that on all condition there must be maitainted all the communal harmony here.
However Dr Karn Singh is not a first leader in congress who has endored the government decision taken on the J&K. Mr Jyotiraditya Scindia, Milind Deorah, Dipendra Singh Hudda, Janardan Dwedi and Bhubneshwar Kalita –all have affirmatively expressed on the government decision.
The government, two sections of article 370 that provided J&K the special status, had abolished this week and also introduced a bill for restructuring this state into two union territories together. The bill passed in parliament lower house on Monday and next day in upper house.

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