Minor girl killed for peeping illicit relationship in UP

A very shameful incident of close relationship took place in the district Sonbhadra, UP. A niece, 7, was brutally murdered by paternal uncle. The innocent girl had mere done so mistake that her mother and uncle were engage in illicit relationship and the girl had peeped this activity.
Actually, the mother of this innocent girl was engage in illicit relationship with her husband’s younger brother in ther family living under Jugali police station in Sonbhadra district of Eastern Uttar Pradesh.
The girl had peeped her mother and younger uncle in objectionable condition, and as she tried to escape from the scene her uncle caught her and slayed her throat by axe. The uncle fled from the spot after disposing the incident and the police after search have arrested the accused uncle.
Woman tried to self-immolate in Unnao
A woman with her mother reached to demonstrate her self-immolation in front of the district magistrate office after being aggrieved of abduction, gangrape and no police assistance exactly after the incident, which created an alarm there.
The team of LIU caught anyhow the mother and the daughter both with the help of women police, and they snatched a bottle of petrol and matchis; then both were taken before to the district magistrate, Devendra Pandey.
Mother and daughter both were demanding the arrest of two accused in matter of gangrape and kidnapping, but both were dejected with the police apathy; yet Devendra Pandey ordered to arrest the accused after the meeting.
Actually, the case which had been registered against 3 men by a married woman of a village for the abduction and the gangrape on 24 August is under Makhi police station in Unnao district.
She had come to her paternal home on July 17th last month; and next day, the awaiting accused barged forcibly into her home and raped with her when her parent were away to the home of some close relatives.
Both were constantly shuttling to the police station after this incident, but the aggrieved was being ignored. The upset aggrieved was on the verge of self-immolation which brought the local police in action and the raid to nab the accused is going on many possible places their presence.

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