Rihai Manch pledged fight against undemocratic customs of BJP Government


Rihai Manch protest strongly against the forcefully forbidding of arrival of camping in Ayodhya from all over the country this week.
 Prof Ram Puniyani, Sandeep Pandey, Rajiv Yadav, Hafiz Kidwai and others – all had been intercepted on Raunahi, a border place of Ayodhya, Eastern district  which is 89 kilometer away from the state capital of Uttar Pradesh.
Rihai Manch has alleged: it appears correct that Prof Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s statement is about the taken decision recently for the absolute accession of Kashmir in india is a conversion of Indians into Kashmiriate instead of Kashmir’s into Indianism.
The citizen charter and the rights of people have been  stripped here; the public’s rights of expression have been fully ceased. The media have been restricted in Srinagar and the news papers’s printing is not being published. What is going on there is not clear to outsiders.
The Manch added: It appears that if anybody says his separate views on Kashmir  in other part of India, he shall not be allowed to speak and to organize any programme.
Manch said: Not only on question of Kashmir but also  two days communal harmony programme has been restricted to hold in Ayodhya appears that the people who have concept or views apart on other issues too from the RSS and the BJP have been restricted. The situation is like emergency. This indication for nation is not affirmative and if the people are not going to stand off against this, it shall endanger for their civil rights.
The people are confused over the decision on Kashmir. If the decision could be termed correct, the way that it was taken was incorrect. The union government can adopt the same pattern in the other states. The dictatorship of government must be protested.
No matter Narendra Modi have formed his government with full majority, the major decisions which affect life of the common people cannot be taken in arbitrary way. All these must be taken after confident consensus. The BJP must remember that it had secure mere 37.4% voters’ supports. The party cannot run it decision that it had a consensus of all people.

Mnach condemned that it is undemocratic to implement the RSS agenda in whole country ignoring the people thoughts apart from the BJP, and the posing voice suppression of protestors against it  is much wrong. We all have pledged to enliven the democracy of this country and will fight against the undemocratic customs of BJP Government.

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