Government tactfully makes Congress leaders arrest to divert people attention from present misrule and failure : Rahul

NK DUTT;New Delhi
The former Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday targeted the Narendra Modi government over the arrest of former Karnataka minister DK Shivakumar by the Enforcement Directorate.
He alleged that the government is selectively targeting the people of the opposition by using the investigating agencies and the media pro to the ruling party.
Rahul Gandhi tweeted, "The arrest of DK Shivakumar is another example of the vendetta politics unleashed by the Govt, using agencies like the ED/CBI & a pliant media to selectively target individuals. "
Apart from Rahul Gandhi, Congress spokesperson Manish Tiwari also said, 'Congress is not afraid of this repression. We will continue to raise our voice like a strong opposition party to preserve India's democracy. ”He alleged, “ To divert attention from the government's misrule and failure, the opposition leaders, especially Congress leaders, are being arrested. Shivkumar's fault was that he tried to save the MLAs in Karnataka from the horse trading. 'DK Shivakumar was arrested on Tuesday night on charges of money laundering.

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