GST and demonetization are responsible for this economic condition of country: Dr Manmohan Singh

The Former PM, Dr Manmohan Singh, has expressed his concern over the declining economy of Country he has said the condition of economy is very serious today where declining to 5% in GDP  shows that the Country is in the trap of a long recession.
The GDP in the first quarter in this financial year remains 5% and Mr. Singh has targeted the Narendra Modi Government. He added the economic condition is very serious. The 5% GDP rate in first quarter shows that we are in the trap of economic recession for the long term. The economy in India has the capacity to go ahead rapidly, but the mismanagement of Modi Government has pushed the economy of India in big recession.
The former PM has dubbed the Government decisions like the GST and the Demonetisation responsible which brought the economy on this verge. He added, ” that the manufacturing sector increasing is only .6% is troublesome specially. The investors' confidence are staggering. It is evident that our economy could not still overcome after the hasty implementation of the GST and the deminetisation."
Dr. Singh has appealed to the Government, ” India cannot maintain its move in this direction so I request to the Government that they left the politics of vendeta and listen the voices of all steering lieutenant to overcome the economy from this crises."

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