MPs of 200 districts shall be witness of banks loan fair: FM

The Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitaraman said no ailed MSME shall be declared NPA ending of financial year 2020. She reviewed banks including liquidity condition.
 “The banks are going to loan some identified non-banking finance companies”, said finance minister in press conference. There shall be added new customers for the banks’ lending. NBFC confidence is enhancing affirmatively according to finance minister.
The banks shall exhibit camps for the purpose of giving loans to the retail borrowers and the NBFC in 200 districts between 3 to 7 October. The government has named this campaign bank loan fair. Even the finance minister for states Anurag Thakur has said that the loan fairs shall be held after 11 October too.
The attraction of these loan fairs are that the MP of the districts shall take part to make this campaign successful while there is no clarification over these fairs how many districts of the opposition MPs shall be part of this campaign?
Replying on a question of bank merger She said the work is going on rapidly under law and shall be better outcomes of banking reforms.
It is noticeable that the Modi government is continued making of bigger announcing to boost up economy amid the recession crept. FM has made many bigger announcements to remove sluggishness of economy.
 FM had made announcement of the special package of 10 crore for the housing projects under construction completed 60% on Saturday last week and also had informed about the same amount shall be managed from the private sector.
The government is serious to make more announcements in the wake of sluggishness in economy, FM said.

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