Terror attack on two Oil-plants in Saudi Arabia

Two oil plants of Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Company, have been attacked by drones. According to information, it’s a government media release. The official Saudi press agency reported, "Aramco's industrial security teams have started the rescue operation to deal with the engulfed fire caused by the drone strikes at their plants in Abqac and Khurais."

An explosion went off earlier, which caused fire in two Saudi Aramco plants in the eastern part of the country -- the reason behind the incident is yet unexplained
Saudi Aramco is the national petroleum and natural gas company of Saudi Arabia. It is also the largest crude oil company in the world in terms of revenue. A video linked to it was shown by Dubai-based broadcaster Al-Arabiya. In this video fierce fire is seen and from behind there is a sound of gun firing too.
Saudi Aramco has been targeted by terrorists. Al-Qaeda suicide bombers tried to attack the oil company in February 2006, but they failed. Recently, Aramco has announced investment in Reliance Industries, a major company in the oil and gas sector in India. Looking at this amount of $ 15 billion, it is the largest foreign investment in Reliance so far.

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