Two Naxalites were gunned down in Dantewada Chhatisgarh

The DRG and the local force were on a joint combing operation in the forest of Kuteram village Dantewada district of Chhatisgarh, a Naxalite prone area meanwhile naxalites began to fire on the joint forces where in a short retaliatory action they fled from the spot. The forces began searching after the gun firing stopped where they recovered two bodies with a few arms and ammunition from the spot.
The official report says the killed Naxalites have been identified as Lachhu Mandavi, member of Malagir Area Committee, and Podia. both were the wanted and had the bounty of Rs 5 lacs. The recovered pistols had been superscripted ‘Made In Italy’. Police is trying to reach the arms supplier.
The vote is to be franchised in a by-election for the constituent assembly in Dantewada situated in Southern part of the state on 23rd September this month. Bhima Mandavi, MLA Dantewada assembly constituency had been assassinated by Naxalite in April this year.

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