Union government dismissed statement of former Prime Minister on economic slowdown

NK Dutt;New Delhi
The Modi led government has dismissed the former PM statement on very serious economy condition in country. The government has maintained that the Modi led government views the economy as a whole and its efforts have grown Indian economy placing it 5th from the 11th in the world.
While answering the questions of the reporters, after a meeting of the Union Cabinet, Information and Broadcasting Minister, Prakash Javadekar, replied on a question related to the statement of former Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, he said, "We do not agree with the analysis done by Manmohan Singh. We do what we say. We have moved the economy from the 11th position to the fifth position and we are moving towards the third position.”
The Minister of Information and Broadcasting said that the government does not see the economy in pieces but it has a holistic view of the economy.
As the economic growth rate came down to five percent in the first quarter of the current financial year,  former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, saying that the economic situation is 'very worrisome' and this softening is the result of all mismanagement of the Modi government, had targeted the Narendra Modi government. The former Prime Minister said in his statement that the GDP growth rate of 5 per cent in the first quarter shows that we are stuck in a long period of economic slowdown.

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